A Black Bench and a Sweet Baby

Good Morning!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we had a yard sale and it was almost a total flop.  We are left wondering, is it a sign of our economy?  We have had 3 previous yard sales (one even over the 4th of July weekend) and had much more success.  I guess I can’t complain since most people that came did buy something…and some money is better than nothing!  My house is still in shambles…I think it’ll take a couple days to get back in order.

A few weeks ago we made a very inexpensive but awesome purchase.  I was walking around my favorite antique store (see here) and found this beautiful bench.  I have been wanting a bench for our hall for such a long time.  Until I found the perfect bench I was supplementing with this little red garden bench.

So glad I finally found the perfect bench…

I love black furniture.

A couple months ago when we made our Ikea trip we bought a white shelf.  We are eventually going to hang it over the bench and put baskets over top…big baskets to store whatever we can inside.

We’ll get around to hanging the shelf eventually but both Justin and I prefer to relax on our weekends, visit with family, or do whatever else…are we the only couple who hates tackling projects, big or small, over a weekend?

Oh…and I cannot leave out the best part of our weekend.   We got to see baby Levi!  He’s even cuter in person…I already told Betty she’s welcome to give him to me…but I think he’s got his mommy hooked.

There is nothing like holding a tiny baby in your arms…Hope you all have a great Monday!

6 Responses to A Black Bench and a Sweet Baby

  1. Susanna says:

    What a nice bench…you can give the red garden bench to us now if you want!!;) Levi is so handsome…looks like his daddy from what I’ve seen of him in pictures! So glad you got to see him already!:)

    Love Susanna

  2. Anna says:

    I was going to ask what you’re doing with the red bench, so Susanna’s comment made me smile. The black bench looks really good there.

    What a cute baby!

  3. Betty says:

    Love the black bench as well, what a great find! Next time I am in Ringgold, let’s go to the antique shop. And, yes, I would put up quite a fight to part with Levi, he has me hook, line, and sinker! (especially since last night he slept in 2 four hour blocks, can’t argue with that!)

  4. Jessica says:

    Black looks so classy. Very nice addition.

  5. Danelle says:

    i love black furniture too! sweet pics of baby Levi! Glad you got to meet him.

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