Friday Miscellany

Yesterday was a busy day.   The outside is finally finished so I decided it was time to start working on the interior of our home.  Our house has been turned upside down.

I stopped by Lowes to pick up our tree.  I always buy the 5-6 foot tree…I walked to the same spot I buy one every year, picked out a nice fat tree (they always have to be fat…or I just don’t like them).  A young guy helped me bring it to my car and attached the tree to my roof.  He used two measly, loosely tied strings…As he sat there staring at my car I asked “Do you need help?” He responded “I’m just trying to figure out how to make it stay.”  Hmmm…my confidence in him went downhill from there…I think the tree stayed put by it’s weight and my prayers…I kept looking out the rear view mirror expecting to see it rolling down the road.

Last night Justin came home to his favorite job of the year…a tree that needs to be placed in the tree stand, straightened out just-so, and then carried into our home.  We decided to put in in our living room this year.  Usually it goes in our kitchen (I know very strange…but our house is small and the kitchen is huge).  I did have quite a surprise…my 5-6 foot tree is more like a 7 foot tree.  Much taller then Justin and a little big for our small home.  But it is a beauty! (more to come next week)

I have also been making cards at night when Cora is sleeping and we watch our new favorite show (IT Crowd).

Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate a picture…

Other big news.  I finally mastered braiding my hair.  Not as exciting to you as it was to me.  I love wearing my hair up and always try different looks…braiding is not easy for me but somehow I was coordinated yesterday and I achieved my long desired hairdo.  I even documented it so I can refer back when trying to redo hairdo.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

8 Responses to Friday Miscellany

  1. Betty says:

    When I finally figured out how to french braid my hair I was so proud I wore it that way every day for 2 weeks 🙂 Yours looks so good! Justin told Matt about IT Crowd and we have been watching it as well, have y’all seen the show where the guy with the curly hair (I don’t remember all the names yet?) went to that musical and kept saying “I’m disabled?” Hilarious.

  2. bchallies says:

    Hair and home both look great! Mom

  3. Susanna says:

    I’m so glad we got you hooked to IT Crowd! It is SO good!:) Your cards are so beautiful…I love the paper you picked! And I love how you wear your hair in braids! Whether in the back or at the side, braids in your hair look so elegant and beautiful!

  4. All good! You could try dreads, of course. That is one braid you haven’t mastered yet.

  5. Jo says:

    Hey! We are new to IT crowd. Aidan loves it. I flinch a little at the language, but seem to laugh so much it fades out all of the cussing. P.S That is the best self-photographed back-of-the-head-shot ever!

  6. admin says:

    Jo, is it awful to admit I have not notice all the cussing? hmmm…maybe with their accents I am not as sensitive to it because usually I notice that….or maybe I make myself block it out. I don’t know that I have ever laughed so hard. Justin and I cannot get enough of Moss…and Roy. They are both so funny.

  7. admin says:

    Yes, we were laughing and laughing…I love when they lift him onto the disabled van and he’s looking all pitiful. Glad you guys like!

  8. Susanna says:

    Man, I hardly notice the cussing! Ha! I’ve been in NYC too long, where every other word I hear on the street from angry drivers is cuss words!;)lol

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