The Most Chaotic Time of the Year

I’m squeezing in a post this morning.  Life it a little chaotic around Christmas.  We were “stranded” in Atlanta with the Helms for two days…(long story and not an  interesting one either).  We finally made our way home yesterday afternoon.  We’re glad to be back but we did enjoy our time with the cousins!

Because of our unexpected two days off, I’m feeling so behind….it seems this time of year brings so many last minute things I have to do.  Like baking for Justin’s work christmas party, last minute gifts, our own christmas party, church parties, grocery shopping, etc, etc.  You all know what I mean!

While in Atlanta I was able to see Rachel and Eve.  Always a delight to spend time with them.  We went to Atlanta Bread Company where I managed to not only dump my entire tray of food but also slipped in the mess on the floor.  My boots still bare the scars of the butternut squash soup explosion.   I guess it was time for me to be taken down a couple notches…quite literally.  hehe.  After we left to go back to Maryanne’s house we turned around to see the two girlies sitting like this.

Not a good picture to capture such a precious moment.  They held hands to entire way home.

While visiting Maryanne, we managed to get in some good thrift storing.  Not only did I buy Cora the cutest gap outfit (one I was dying to buy her full price last year), a little chaps shirt, but also these shoes and pea coat.

Isn’t the coat adorable?

Oh, and you know what I did last night?  I ordered our photo cards.  I know I said I was making them…and actually, I made about 20.  But then I realized there was no way I was going to finish them in time.  So I ordered last minute cards…and apparently being last minute paid off as the cards were on sale (because who orders cards the week before Christmas), they were also an extra 25% off, I received overnight shipping for $5.99.  So I plan on getting them out by Saturday morning and maybe they’ll make it before Christmas?  I hope so.  Anyhow, Today I need to run, run, run….clean, clean, clean…shop, shop, shop…cook, cook, cook.  Hope you all are enjoying December, despite the busyness!

4 Responses to The Most Chaotic Time of the Year

  1. I hope it’s a productive day!!!!

  2. bchallies says:

    The hand-holding is absolutely adorable!

  3. LeAnna says:

    The picture of the girls holding hands is just way too cute! And that peacoat! Adorable! I haven’t been thrift shopping in so long, I miss it. We had a Salvation Army that used to do half price clothes on Wednesdays, but they got all scroogey and did away with it. Hmph!

    I was at Panara Bread a few weeks ago and just about sent two sandwiches and a salad flying. I probably looked like I was attempting an Irish jig, but all food stayed intact and on the plate, therefor I sympathize with your butternut squash fiasco.

    Before I forget, I’ll answer your double stroller question. I don’t think it’s actually a jogger, even though you can lock the front wheels into a stationary position. From what I read, people don’t recommend using it to jog with. I don’t know why the brand is called Baby Jogger when they don’t really specialize in joggers. I’m more of a brisk walker and less of a jogger anyway (read: I don’t jog) so it works. 🙂

    Happy Christmas Partying!

  4. bchallies says:

    Pat’s probably wondering if they are gay!!


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