A Day for Rambling

I have decided Fridays are going to be my day for writing about whatever I want.  Not that I have a clear theme to my blog…but Friday will be the day where I may combine 10 different thoughts into one post.  Bear with me.

We have definitely had some cabin fever as the weather is so cold and miserable.  I am dying to go for a run…I know Cora is too.  The first few days it was fun and exciting to have snow on the ground.  Cora played in the side room while Justin tried to work from home.

She loves laptops so we let her play games on our ancient Mac.

Now the snow is a sheet of glistening ice.  Not as pretty or as fun…getting to my car has become a challenge as I slip-and-slide my way up the walk.  On that note…my boots have absolutely no tread at all….am wondering if that is why they were marked down 50%….Anyways…

A couple weeks ago we bought Cora a little shopping cart.  Every girl needs a shopping cart.  At Walmart they are only $15 and they come with tons of food, coupons, and fake money.  She loves it and pushes that thing around all day long. Sometimes her baby gets a ride….sometimes it’s a book, blocks…whatever she fancies that day.

She continues to pull the house apart.  I never knew I would clean this much…and I just have one.

She’s always up to something.

She wants to look out the windows all the time.  We are both missing fresh air.  Hopefully the snow will melt enough this weekend that we will have some sidewalks again.

Justin and I have begun a new addiction…a very “nerdy” addiction.  We are in love with Scrabble.  As soon as Cora is in bed and the house it tidy, out comes the box.

We laugh as we are both pretty bad.  We’ll improve…it’s only been a week.

Other news.  I finally used my bread maker.  My mother-in-law was selling it a couple of years ago at a yard sale.  I asked her if I could have it…and I allowed it to collect dust for 2 years.  My sister posted a pizza recipe online and it looked so good I had to make it.  It turned out perfectly and the pizza was delicious.

So now I’m on a bread maker kick. This weekend I plan on trying wheat bread.  Any good recipes out there?

Monday I am going to share a little change we have made in our house.  I need to dedicate a part of my blog to making a small house/space work.  I am learning a lot about organizing and making the most of our limited storage…It’s a challenge but so worth it.  Every time I make a change that helps our house to flow a little better I feel such a sense of satisfaction.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

13 Responses to A Day for Rambling

  1. Glad the pizza worked. I’ll try and email you a great bread recipe. Mom uses the same one!

  2. Susanna says:

    Awww…I love her shirt dress! Is that the one I got for her? It looks AWESOME! And Ellie will love playing with her and her little shopping kart! Oh dear…or there may be some fights too as to who gets it so maybe it’s not a good idea to play with it!;) lol

    And next time we’re at your place, can you make some pizza? That pizza looks perfect and there is nothing I love more than home made pizza!

    Love you sister!

  3. Anna says:

    Your rambling posts are my favorite kind!

    I love my bread machine although I haven’t experimented with it enough. I want to try that pizza dough now. I love making dinner rolls with it too.

    Happy weekend!

  4. admin says:

    Please send any recipes you think I could use:) gracefrye@gmail.com….:)

  5. admin says:

    Ellie will love it because Cora has some big girl toys now. Can’t wait to see her!

  6. Anna says:

    Here’s the link to the dinner rolls I make. It makes a lot so I usually freeze some: http://moneysavingmom.com/2010/01/bread-machine-buttery-rolls.html

    I’ll let you know if I think of any others! 🙂

  7. La. says:

    So glad that you stopped over at my blog! We’ve had cabin fever as well and actually walked to the mailbox yesterday and it felt DIVINE! We ran, and skipped, and it was GREAT! Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to go on a small hike. ANYTHING to get out! Can you believe the messes little ones make? Oh dear. And sometimes I get so flustered because there is STUFF EVERYWHERE. I don’t use white flour anymore, I know, GASP. I use wheat for everything and use white bread recipes and just increase the liquid. My fav wheat bread is honey oat!

  8. admin says:

    I am all about not using white flour. Do you have a recipe?

  9. Hey! I love all your pictures of Cora. 🙂

    You should try speed scrabble sometime… it’s fun, and if you ever want to play but don’t have enough time for a regular game it’s great! lol
    The only thing we really do differently when we play is that we just say “Go” and “Draw” haha… and if you need to you can rearrange your whole puzzle, but you may end up getting further behind if you’re not fast =P

    …and I can’t help you with a wheat bread recipe since I’m gluten-free and can’t have wheat…sorry! 😉


  10. LeAnna says:

    Ramblings are the best kind of lings there are! 😉

    King Arthur Flour always has the best recipes, I’ve used a few in my machine from here: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/yeast-breads-and-rolls/bread-machine-breads-baked-in-machine

    Honestly I can say I’ve never had one of their recipes go bad on me. They often include a lot of their specialty products (like extra gluten for whole wheat bread, buttermilk powder, etc) but those are all easily found at health food stores or simply omitted depending on which it is! I enjoy making pizza crusts and rolls in mine! I’ve heard from several people that this cinnamon roll recipe is wonderful, too!


  11. Beth says:

    I am learning that King Arthur Flour is the best too. So send me any good recipes as well.

    AND I also enjoy rambling blog posts. I especially am proud at how dressed Cora is in the pictures. Cooper pretty much LIVES in pj’s when we are home.

  12. bchallies says:

    What fun for Cora to have something she can wheel around as she sees you doing…Kids love ‘real life’ stuff so much…Fun!

  13. Katie van der Meer says:

    Hey Grace,

    I have tired so often to make good bread in my bread maker and have yet to find a recipe but my sister has some killer good ones. Maybe you should e-mail her and ge tthem. I plan on leaving her place with a ton of good recipes. I do have a great pizza dough recipe which I love but thats about all I have managed to succeed at.

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