Preventing the Inevitable

I am slowly but surely learning things about being a mom…such as, why torture yourself with mess?  Because I don’t really mind cleaning up after Cora I can let her make a ridiculous amount of mess.  An example would be the built in shelves in her room.  Before she was born I put them together in a way that looked good…and practicality did not matter.

As soon as she became mobile I would hear crashing and thumping sounds coming from her room.  Sure enough all the books would be pulled from the shelves and scattered around her room.  I would let her make the mess and I would clean it up.  A couple of weeks ago Justin suggested moving all the big kid books up a couple shelves.  I said I would…eventually.  Days passed and her messy routine continued….I kept cleaning.  Justin suggested one more time that I rearrange the shelves. I said I would…eventually.  Well having two girls here was when I reached my breaking point.  Why was I being such a martyr?  It really was an easy problem to solve.  So, I took all the big kid books and items, shuffled them around…and here’s the bookshelf now.  See how all her toys and books are on the bottom?

It also gave me an excuse to display her beautiful vintage books.  Cora has a full library (many from my childhood…many from our church library) and she can’t even read…I love children’s books.

I even found a way to show off her pink Converse.

Such an easy improvement and so worthwhile…My life instantly became easier.  Now she just destroys what she is allowed to destroy…all her other treasures live in safety…high up and untouchable.

If you ever need cute storage bins the Target dollar spot has adorable tin tubs.  I bought the red but they also have blue, silver, pink and maybe white…

Ellie left yesterday.  She seemed more than happy to go and was overjoyed to see her Mimi. Cora woke up from her nap confused as to where her friend had gone.

We will miss our other little girl!

Well I gotta run and catch up on chores.  My house is still upside down…time to put it back together!

6 Responses to Preventing the Inevitable

  1. bye, bye ellie! hope to see you soon!

  2. Betty says:

    aw, sad Ellie is gone,but glad her and Micah get quality time with Mimi! The shelves look great, good idea about moving things around!

  3. bchallies says:

    The vintage books are lovely – something haunting about the art work…

  4. Susanna says:

    The shelves look beautiful and I think you have done a great job arranging them! I have seen those buckets at Target but havne’t bought any…hmmmm!

    I love the pictures of Ellie and Cora standing together! I am so glad they had a good time on the whole and I am so thankful you took her in and loved her so well! She will miss you and Cora!

  5. sherene says:

    i love her shelves.:))

  6. Renee says:

    The shelf displays are so beautiful. I have enjoyed yours and Maryanne’s posts on having the extra child this week. So funny how one more is really alot more! Oh, and wanted to tell you I made your chocolate chip banana bread tonight! I was just telling the kids we needed to make a batch when I saw the recipe here. It was REALLY good and I’m looking forward to a slice with coffee tomorrow for breakfast!

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