Hearts, Hugs, and Flowers

I had a moment of weakness while at Target last week.  I actually bought Valentine decorations…not only that but I have put them in the center of my table.  They really aren’t me…but I loved the colors, they were cheap…and Cora plays with them.  I hate to admit it but they are growing on me.

You know why I chose “hugs” as my word of choice?  Because Cora has started giving us good hugs…the kind that make my heart sing.  She tucks her head in my neck, says “awwwwww” and squeezes me tight.  I could melt.  Every single time.

I’ve also been working on Valentine cards.

I am using my leftovers from last year.  I am hoping to make a Hobby Lobby trip and buy new supplies.

I’ve also been freshening up the house with flowers.  I always crave fresh flowers in the winter…a cheery little addition to our home.  Kroger sells beautiful bouquets for $3.99.

I have won two battles recently…They were very short lived victories but so satisfying.  I managed to get Cora to keep a hat on by telling her “Oh look…PRETTY!!!!  Pretty baby.”  She waltzed over to the mirror and checked herself out.  With a big grin she took her sweet little self in…and I continued to feed her ego.  All for the sake of her wearing the most adorable hat her aunt Beth bought her.

I let her play outside for a little while and she kept it on.

When we got in the car she yanked it off.  *sigh* With her short hair everyone calls her a “cute little boy.” I’m just trying to help her out.  I also put a headband on her yesterday.  She wore it for about 5 minutes before pulling it off.

I’m going to keep working on it.  I miss the days when she happily wore her hair bows…

We’re so glad it’s Friday…and a weekend with nothing to do!  ‘Til next week!

6 Responses to Hearts, Hugs, and Flowers

  1. Susanna says:

    Oh she does look SO pretty in that hat! I love it! And I will tell you that I have STILL not won the hair bow victory with Ellie…she usually takes them out within minutes! Sometimes it takes a good while I guess!:)

  2. Babysitting my 4 kids will not equal nothing to do…! Hee hee. I LOVE her little hat. I have found that hats make great collections to sit in baskets. They are rarely worn in my home….sadly.

  3. bchallies says:

    Wearing hats makes tiny girls look so “finished” …

  4. LeAnna says:

    Her little hat is preeeeesssshhhh! I’m going to be so sad when Sister decides to hate her head bands and hats. She’s a baldy and needs them. 😉 Your flowers are so pretty and cheery! I love putting together arrangements, and have a rather fondness of flowers in general. I just love the way you decorate, your house always looks beautiful.

  5. admin says:

    Thank you:) I loved the stage when she would wear anything I put on her…girls are so fun to dress.

  6. sherene says:

    Love your little princess, oh what a beauty..and not to mention my ovaries aches for a GIRL!!!! lol.:))

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