Southern Living and Book Towers

I’m going to honest.  I really am still not feeling the best and because of that I don’t have much to write. Now that the stomach virus has passed I am catching Justin’s sore throat and sinus junk…Hooray for cold/flu season, right?

A couple weeks ago I was flipping through Southern Living and I saw this picture.

As much as I can appreciate the room…it really isn’t me.  But I did love one thing and that is the white fireplace.  I showed it to Justin and he said “We’ve got to do that…it’ll look great.” I thought so too.  We had white paint left over from a previous project. Last Thursday (before stomach flu) I decided to tackle the project.  I began to paint…and paint…and paint.

After it was all done I stepped back and though “I hate it.” Then I walked out of the room, came back in and thought “I love it.” Even now I find myself doing this on a daily basis…I really cannot make up my mind.

It’s just so white…

Anyhow, Cora has been busy the past couple of days.  She loves to make messes and she loves to build towers.

I actually let her make messes because it can pass up to an hour of her time.

And after she dumps the toys she does play with them!

She has a current obsession with Jesus…and obviously I am fine with that.  She has a baby bible that one of her many adopted aunts gave her.  She loves that bible.  She’s say “Jesus? Okay. Okay. I go.” Which means.  I am going to find my book with Jesus.  She brings it to me and we flip through the pages.  She seems to favor David and Goliath, Noah (because of all the animals), Jesus in the manger (the star behind him), and Jesus surrounded by children.  When we get to Jesus surrounded by all the children I have to sing “Jesus loves the little children…” or “Jesus loves me.”  Then we start over.  I also have a book about Samuel that is for much older children…so I cannot really read it to her.  However, at the beginning and end of the book there is a picture of Jesus surrounded by children.  She loves that pictures and is sure to say “Jesus!” Every time she sees it…

Today we’re supposed to go downtown Chattanooga with some friends. We’re hoping to take the girls on the carousel…I know Cora will love it!  Happy Wednesday!

7 Responses to Southern Living and Book Towers

  1. LeAnna says:

    I think your white fireplace looks AWESOME. I love it.
    And I hear ya on the mess making thing, though I draw the line when I walk in and find the 2yo dumping entire bottles of powder all over everything. Yeah…we had that happen yesterday during supposed nap time. Not cool.
    Hope you guys get to feeling 100% better, soon!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Fireplace looks great! and love the pictures of your baby girl playing so happily amongst her destruction, its good for kids:) and hope you feel better soon! Its hard not feeling good and trying to keep up with a baby!

  3. Susanna says:

    LOVE the fireplace! You’re brave…good job!:)

  4. I like the white. Anything to expand a smaller room is a good change! Hope the carousel is fun!

  5. Betty says:

    I agree w/ everybody else, love the white!! Hope y’all had fun downtown and Cora got to ride the carusel

  6. Danelle says:

    i’m so glad she has an obsession with Jesus. I’m a big fan as well 🙂 I wish I could live in a constant state of nesting like you do. I just can’t. Your house always looks lovely. All white, all black or a mix.

  7. bchallies says:

    I really do like the fireplace…

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