Lots of Catching up to do

Sorry I have been missing in action.  I have been feeling a little tired, distracted…not inspired to write much.  I woke up this morning with the desire to blog…so here I am!

This weekend was much better than the last…no sickness, lots of sleep…time spent together.  Saturday morning we woke up and I headed off to Cracker Barrel to meet my friend Emilie for breakfast.  We had so much fun catching up and it just so happened we were right next to an antique mall.  After breakfast we decided to look around and see what they might have.  Em insisted on buying Cora something…my friends have adopted Cora as their niece…and I am happy for her to have many aunts.  They love her and are all newly-wed so they can take out there maternal desires on Cora while they enjoy newly married life. She bought Cora this tiny wooden bench. (Thanks Auntie Em!)

Its home will eventually be in our kitchen but that’ll have to wait because our kitchen is a disaster. So Monday night was spent aiding Cora as she climbed up and down and up and down…It’s amazing how quickly she learns what is hers.

We’ve been working on our kitchen and it is a disaster.  However, I am happy to live with the mess as the end result will be so worth it…

We did go on our date Saturday night.  It was a very fun night but all the odds were against us…like when I decided to buy a $10 curling iron and curl my hair.  Which actually crimped my hair and left me frizzy and smelling like a cheap salon.  I was almost in tears as I tried one final time to curl my hair. Which would not curl…and might never curl.  I wanted to hurl the stupid iron but instead looked at my rats nest and realized I had exactly 10 minutes before we had to leave in order that we make our reservation.  So, I brushed out my hair, straightened it and we left.  I smelled like a perm.  My hair was a sticky, dry, smelly clump.  So much for looking pretty…

We decided to go to an Italian restaurant that everyone kept telling us about.  I had asked for a private booth which upon arriving was reserved for us.  We sat down in our u-shaped booth side by side….we both thought it was a little awkward to be side-by-side rather than face-to-face…We soon realized that instead of staring lovingly into each other’s eyes we both were looking at everything and everyone else. We adjusted our seating for the sake of enjoying each other…(here is the only picture I have that shows a glimpse of how cool the restaurant was…I promise we were having a good time although Justin’s face doesn’t show it!)

Our u-shaped booth happened to be across from a long, long table…our waiter told us that the owner of the restaurant wanted to promote communal eating.  In other words, they seat random parties of people next to each other.  About 30 minutes into our meal we heard a lot of talking and noise…we saw an entire sorority walk in.
Of course they were seated directly across from our table…as the evening continued, as their drinks kept pouring…they become inebriated and begia to talk louder and louder. Then what looked like a fraternity arrived (I am not kidding) and they were seated on the other end of the communal table.  Justin and I grinned at each other…we could see the humor of the situation.  And you know what’s even funnier?  Every single girl had perfectly curled hair…how did they do it? And what kind of curling iron did they use….

We really did have a lovely evening together. We chose to eat a four course meal which meant we were there a long time.  Despite the noise, chirping female voices and hearing a lot of, “I was like….” we had a blast.  Thankful for our evening out, a beautiful restaurant, amazing food…and lots of laughter and fun.  Plus some terrible pictures to commemorate the event.

Other news…our church is having a Valentines event on Saturday. I have been working on decorations.  While in the midst of making them I decided to string some hearts together for our home.

It was worth is as Cora woke up from her nap saying “oh wow!  Okay, okay!”

I also have some pretty pink flowers.

Last night we had an all things Indian night. I was craving chicken curry.  I called my mom and got her amazing curry recipe…I also used this naan bread mix which was surprisingly good!

All you do is add the few missing ingredients, let the bread rise, and then fry it.

It was delicious.

Maybe it was the spices…I don’t know. We wanted to get Cora to dance and so we found our favorite get-Cora-to-dance youtube video.  Which is Bhangra and a group called Empire.  That’s an evening of fun for us…delicious Indian food and punjab music/dance…feeling sick because we both ate way too much food.

Hope you all have had a wonderful week so far..and happy Wednesday!

9 Responses to Lots of Catching up to do

  1. LeAnna says:

    That little bench is just too cute, and perfect Cora size! Your hair turned out cute anyway, but I can relate on those frustrating moments when it chooses to do exactly opposite of what you’re wanting it to. I gave up on using an iron on my hair a long time ago, and just use hot rollers. Does that make me an old lady? 😉 I love your little round ball jars, those are so cute!

  2. bchallies says:

    Thanks for the insider’s perspective of your weekend – love it….I remember Dad and I, in our precious incarnation, being invited to an (otherwise) 100% Sikh/Hindu banquet….There was dancing afterward and it was fascinating! Reminded me of the fellow in Fiddler on the Roof….

  3. Sounds like a pretty good weekend!

    By the way, my hair would never hold a curl, but Greg’s grandparents got me this curling iron for Christmas and it’s amazing! Not $10, but if you ever find it on sale it’s definitely worth it!!!


  4. “I was like, I totally smell like a perm”.

    I love how Cora talks so much! Will just yells MAma!!! at me all day.

    I am going to find that Naan mix. Where did it come from?

  5. Melissa Marini says:

    Grace, I LOVE that top you are wearing.
    Ha ha you want curly hair while I wish my hair stayed straight. Every time I go out for a special occasion I always straighten my hair. 🙂 Isn’t it funny how we always want the opposite of what we have.

    Maryanne, I think I bought that Naan Mix at Publix once. It is still sitting in our Pantry though. We have not yet tried to make it.

  6. Betty says:

    Like totally for real, I would have flinched at the sorority/fraternity gathering, glad y’all could find the humor in it 🙂 You looked great, I really like that purple shirt, and could you please email me that curry recipe or any good recipe for curry? I bought the spice last week, but have NO idea how to use it! I hope this weekend is as relaxing as this one was!

  7. Anna says:

    I love your description of your date. Hilarious!

    I really want to try that flatbread. I love my mom’s curry recipe, but she handmakes her flatbread with a recipe from when she actually went to India. I’ve tried it several times and can’t seem to master it, and curry’s not the same without it. So an easier flatbread would definitely help!

  8. sherene says:

    Wow love ur pictures!

  9. Susanna says:

    Great pictures…you look great!

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