The Great Bake Day and a Valentine’s Party

Last Friday I went to my friend Sara’s house and we had a day of baking…I mean an entire day.  We baked from 10-6:30. It was fun, tiring…and an a new form of being creative.  Her baby is a month older than Cora.  They were easily entertained trashing her beautiful home, watching Thomas…and even both took naps (at the same time)! We decided we would bake cake pops with a red velvet center, cupcakes, and sugar cookies.

Cake pops are fairly simple to make but time consuming…especially as we didn’t use a mix for the cake. Sara had a delicious recipe that we used. You simply bake the cake, crumble the cake, make a cream cheese (or there are other options) filling, roll the crumbled cake and icing into balls, refrigerate them (don’t remember how long), poke a stick through each one, coat them in melted candy coating, and stand them in foam so they harden.

Our cupcakes were delicious.  The recipe we used I found here. I highly recommend it!

And of course we baked sugar cookies.

With babies in on the action.

After it was all finished Sara packed the goodies up for me and also sent me home with some of her heirloom dishes.  We were having a Valentine’s party at church the next day and she had to perfect set of serving dishes for me to use…

Saturday I woke up and started preparing all that I needed to take to our church.  We were having an evening of bowling, food and games…I was in charge of making it pretty, which I love to do.

I had little goody bags of chocolate for each couple to take.

After all the decorations were set up, the food out…I headed to the bowling alley to meet the rest of the church.  We had so much fun!I tried to get some good pictures but the lighting combined with my camera did not work.

Justin happened to be the champion bowler.  I was somewhere near the bottom…

Baby Joanna watched from the sidelines…

We had such a fun evening with our church family.

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you all have a blessed day!

7 Responses to The Great Bake Day and a Valentine’s Party

  1. Lindsey says:

    That sounds wonderful! Glad your enjoying your church family so much, SUCH a blessing. Decorations look fantastic!

  2. Sounds so fun!!!! You really did an amazing job, Grace. Not that I am one bit surprised, as decorating and beautifying is your gift!

    And I am so glad you are donating your skills to the families at your church. proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Susanna says:

    WOW Grace! All I can honestly say is WOW, WOW, WOW! Martha Stewart the second is also my sister!:)

  4. bchallies says:

    I notice you say to prepare the pops you “simply” – hmmmm…Those exquisite results were not reached simply…Thanks for the experience you prepared for all of us.

  5. Linda LaFleur says:

    Grace, Thanks for all your hard work for our Valentine’s outing. Those red velvet pops were soooo good!!

  6. admin says:

    Was glad to do it! Yes, my friend Sara gets all the credit for that recipe:)

  7. Jo says:

    I am only just reading this now. (March 8th). You win! I could NEVEr produce such food beauty. WHy do I live so far away?

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