On Being Domestic

I go through mood swings with being domestic…usually I am inspired to do what must be done.  I cook, I clean…I clean…and I clean but I just go through the motions.  I’m not necessarily enjoying myself.  Sometimes I go through an entire week of being inspired.  That week happened for two weeks in a row…every day I wanted to cook something unusual…or at least time consuming.  I wanted the house to be perfect…I was on fire…I’m sure all of you can relate.

A recent favorite recipe is chicken pot pie.  I know that’s not an usual recipe but what makes this one really good is every last bit is from scratch and I gotta be honest… It is really really good.  It’s a recipe from the Joy of Cooking.  Always a favorite when it comes to cozy meals.   Because it’s all made from scratch it takes a while…but it’s worth it!  I chose to make the easiest crust which was a drop biscuit…they give you about 5 options. It was not pretty because after it was all ready to be put in a pan I realized that my pyrex dish was at my mom’s house.  I will double the drop biscuit recipe next time around as I didn’t have enough to completely cover the potpie.

Definitely worth the time…and calories.

I’ve also begun to enjoy drinking smoothies again.  I used to be addicted but like most foods…I go through stages.  To make a really good smoothie I use plain yogurt, honey, frozen berries and a 1/2-1 bananas. It’s also better to add a little bit of juice or the smoothie will be really thick and hard to drink.

It’s so delicious and filling.

Speaking of domestic things… My glasses are all stained because one time I chose to use cheap dish detergent. (Laura Lynn brand)  Does anyone know what you can do about it? Hand washing them will not remove the stains…so our glasses always look dirty even when they are clean.

Since our kitchen has been pulled apart we have stuff all over the place.  Justin happend to hang a painting in our living room just to keep it safe…and I think it’s going to stay.

It adds something that I did not realize was missing…

I’ve also organized our silverware and cookware… I should have taken before pictures just so you could see how disgusting our drawers were.

Actually I’m kinda glad I don’t have pictures because you would be horrified.

I started my post with saying all this took place last week and the week before.  This week has me feeling very uninspired to do anything out of the ordinary.  So I have a question…are you like me? Does your domesticity come in waves?  Do you have some sort of routine you follow to make sure to maintain everything?  Because I would really like to be more motivated on a daily basis and would appreciate any tips you might have…hope you all have a very fun, inspired and domestic Wednesday…and please, send some ideas my way!

Oh…and one more thing.  Check out my cousin’s blog.  They recently bought a house which her husband has rebuilt…It is so beautiful.  A dream home if you ask me!

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  1. Anna says:

    Mmm… I love chicken pot pie. I too make it completely from scratch using my mom’s recipe. I love having it with mashed potatoes… delish!

    And I used to drink smoothies all the time… I should make them again.

    I loved your thoughts on domesticity. I completely fail in having routines for organizing or decorating, but for cleaning I do like to have a weekly routine… I just write down all the chores I want to get done every week and divide them up based on the days. It makes it pretty easy. I’ve tried doing all my cleaning one day a week but that’s kind of hard with a little one.

    As far as deep cleaning, I list that out too and just do it when I can.

    This is all hypothetical right now though – first trimester = I really haven’t been cleaning. Sad.

  2. Chicken pot pie must NOT have cream of chicken in it. That is the main thing!

    I love Cora. I just love her! “Oh”. “Okay”. “Yah”.

  3. LeAnna says:

    Homemade chicken pot pie is the BEST. I cheat sometimes and use the refrigerated roll-out pie crusts. Oh my, so good. I always make it for new Moms.

    I LOVE your black corner curio cabinet, love, love, love…

    And yes, domestic urges come in spurts around here, too. Some weeks are super productive, others not so much. Being a Mom is hard work…

  4. LeAnna says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention…try running a cup full of vinegar through your dishwasher (or in your wash if you hand wash) – we have really bad hard water that etches our glasses, and nothing gets it clean like the vinegar…

  5. Linda says:

    If you want your smoothie more like a shake, freeze the banana sections overnight and drop them in the blender with the other ingredients.

  6. Lindsey says:

    Hmmmm, potpie looks wonderful. Smoothie looks appetizing, I always put a handful of fresh spinach leaves in, it adds the greens and you really can’t taste it, fruit masks it well. Kale is good as well, although you can taste that a bit…
    On being domestic….my super productive days usually reflect the amount of sleep I have gotten….

  7. Kathryn says:

    I love homemade smoothies too.

    Oh and it looks like someone mentioned it, but vinegar is the trick for those “dirty” glasses. You can soak them in a sink of hot water with a cup of vinegar (any kind will do) or put vinegar in your dishwasher instead of the rinse agent. Works perfectly. I had the same trouble.

  8. sherene says:

    Yes you are like me. There are times that my husband tell me to stop doing something and give myself a break, but I can’t let the dishes unattended, I can’t litter ruin my little table. I’m just so Oc-oc, everything should be clean and organize. I haven’t finish what I’m doing now, I’m thinking what to do next. See? lol.

  9. bchallies says:

    Don’t you find if smoothies are too thick, they choke you? Odd!

  10. Danelle says:

    ok, i love your mom. lol

    definitely agree, it comes in stages. I’ve been loving smoothies too recently. I’m sorry about Cora’s face. She’s still as beautiful/adorable as ever!

  11. Betty says:

    Hmm smoothies. Love them. And I am going to have to google that chicken pot pie recipe. Matt says to tell you he is glad for your blog, as it makes me bake/cook more! I have made that banana bread recipe at least 6 times since you posted, for church, different people, all to rave reviews. So thank you thank you!

  12. Kendra B. says:

    Chicken pot pie is a WONDERFUL thing, always a crowd winner. Delicious.

    I love your house. It’s absolutely beautiful, so stylish and neat! Sometimes I wonder if my house will ever be neat again haha, domesticity for me DEFINITELY comes in waves. Waves I wish would roll through my life more often…haha, as I sit here I’m absolutely exhausted looking at laundry and dishes. Sigh. At least my little lady is finally down for a nap, I should be grateful for that!

  13. Sarah says:

    Hey! I found your website through a link from your brother Tim’s. My domesticity seems to follow a similar pattern to yours … I laughed to myself as you described it. Your blog is lovely! I’ll be stopping by more often. 🙂

  14. admin says:

    Thank you so much Sarah. Will check your blog out as well:)

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