Living in Mess While picking daffodils and Eating Afternoon Snacks

After a little blogging break I thought I might post today…Sometimes I have nothing to write…actually a lot of times I have nothing to write.  Then I have to think of something and last week I just couldn’t do it.

I have been busy.  Busy spinning in circles.  I keep cleaning our house but somehow it’s a mess.  A total mess.  You can barely walk through our bedroom because there is so much stuff littering the floor.  Our kitchen is still pulled apart…we are slowly making progress.

It looks like we have made little to no progress, but we have.  The crown molding is white, the ceiling is white, the doors are gray, and the hinges are gray.  We did not want to replace the hinges so it’s a good thing the spray paint matched our paint color perfectly.

My birthday is in a little over a week…you know what I asked for?  Drawer pulls.  For me it doesn’t get any better than that…and we managed to get them all 50% off.  They are kinda retro-vintage…I cannot wait to see them on our cabinets.

Cora continues to keep me busy.  Because the weather has been so warm we have been spending the majority of our days outside.

It cannot be put into words how thankful I am for nap time.  Time to clean, put away groceries, wash clothes, organize…or maybe just read a magazine.

Nap time is also my time for a treat.  My treat is hot chocolate and pizelles.  They are such a delicious combination and not too unhealthy if you limit the amount of pizelles(trust me, it would be easy to eat the whole box)…and use skim milk… and low fat whipped cream…

I am also excited to have fresh flowers in our house…only in the south would there be daffodils in February.

We also have the new addition of a fern on our fireplace.

I look forward to the week ahead.  Hoping to get a lot done, be productive, use my time wisely,  and hopefully make progress on the kitchen.  \ ‘Til next time!

8 Responses to Living in Mess While picking daffodils and Eating Afternoon Snacks

  1. LeAnna says:

    Amen to naptimes, they are my saving grace some days. Love those pretty daffodils! I was over my Mom’s the other day and noticed hers are coming up.

  2. Betty says:

    I love the daffodils, they are all over our house as well. And I like your treat, the pizelles sounds really good! I can’t wait to see your drawer pulls all up and installed, the kitchen is really coming together! I keep talking about how Justin is painting his cabinets and maybe Matt should follow in his cousin’s footsteps. We’ll see 😉 Have a great day friend!

  3. Susanna says:

    Looking good…everything…right down to the hot chocolate and cookie! Yum! I am excited to see the progress on your kitchen and can’t wait till someday when we can do real renovations as well! My dream is to put crown molding in our kitchen but since we just rent, it wouldn’t make sense to spend the money! Ah well…I’ll live vicariously through your renovations and in the meantime, be thankful for what we have!!:)

  4. bchallies says:

    Glad to see you post again!

  5. jessica says:

    Looking great so far. Cant wait to see the finished product, knobs and all.

  6. jessica says:

    PS love the mug!

  7. My nap-time treat is spiced tea and chocolate. Every day. Without fail. I am addicted and a better mother for it!

  8. Jo says:

    I love how you live, Grace. And I miss you all.
    I can’t wait to see the pictures of the finished shelves.
    Love, Jo

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