Bruises, Shopping and Weekend Projects

Baby had her first big indoor accident on Tuesday.  She has had a few big falls while running around outside…Tuesday night she was running through our living room, tripped and fell into the corner of our brick fireplace.  As I watched her face make contact with the brick I froze…Justin yelled “Get ice, get ice!”  I must admit in those moments I always wonder if she’ll look at me and half her teeth will be missing.  Thankfully she had hit the side of her face…away from teeth and barely missed her eye.  Her bruise is a lot smaller this morning…but still looks awful.

Wednesday night we found her with her diaper half way down…her little cheeks poking out.  I laughed and laughed…she quickly realized why I was laughing and kept pulling it further and further down….She has no shame.

My friend Victoria has been spending the night with us Wednesdays as she is taking some classes near us.  I have been loving my time with her…She is an adopted auntie to Cora and takes her role very seriously.  Cora adores her.  Yesterday we went to the mall.  I had not been there is almost 2 years.  I really don’t enjoy any mall, especially ours.  But I did buy a couple things…Old Navy’s special was $5 tanks in tons of different colors….always a staple item for me in the summer.

We spent some time in Baby Gap and Gymboree…that is where I become weak in the knees.  I love baby girl clothes.  But they are just so expensive and Cora is growing like a weed…She’s suddenly outgrowing everything.  Most of her 18 month pants are getting short.  Since when did my shrimpy baby decide to become a giant?  She’s almost in toddler sizes and that is so strange to me…because I’m pretty sure I just gave birth to her.  We also went to DSW because I have some coupons…and I couldn’t find one pair of shoes I wanted.  I mean…how many shoes do you need as a mom?  I looked at wedges and heels…but then I envisioned myself in the park, sinking into the mulch, limping after my daughter while balancing in my high heels and reality sunk in and I told Victoria what I really need are a cute pair of running shoes to chase Cora around in…how life has changed…:)

The days have continued to be warm and sunny.  Wednesday I spent time cleaning our back porch.  I threw out our outdoor rug as it had become the place for our cat to dump dead birds…I have decided that outdoor rugs are a really bad idea unless you have a fully covered porch (and no cat).  I swept, washed the pillow cases and threw away the junk that has collected from our kitchen project.  I cannot wait til spring when I can start planting flowers in our pots.

I also get around to changing the verse on our chalkboard.  I had not changed it since Christmas…so in March it still said “In the city of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” It’s strange how I delay the easiest projects…I finally got around to it Wednesday evening as Justin was bathing Cora. Too bad there is so much chalky residue covering the board.

This weekend we plan on working on the kitchen…possibly finishing it.  I doubt it’ll happen but we can dream…

A little side note.  While writing this post (which I started over an hour ago…) Cora has fallen and hit the other side of her head, I have fed her breakfast, she has dumped a glass of water on the floor, she has spread that water around, she has had two dirty diapers, all our DVDs are scattered across the floor…and so our Friday begins.  Begins with its usual bang, or bump…or spills, or mess…All of this happening with “Blessed be Your Name” blaring in the background.  The chaos continues and I truly love every minute of it…well almost every minute.  So….blessed be the name of the Lord and happy Friday!


6 Responses to Bruises, Shopping and Weekend Projects

  1. Lindsey says:

    laughed at the running shoes. Things do change with kids:) Its far better to be able to run around with them than worrying about breaking a leg while running around. Although the minute I’m out without kids the heels come back on for a bit! and I look like a teenager trying to figure out how to walk in them again….have fun painting the kitchen this weekend!

  2. I am so sorry you got upset with Cora and pushed her down:). She looks pathetic!

  3. Susanna says:

    have fun this weekend and blessed by the name of the Lord indeed! Can’t ever hear that song enough!!:)

  4. sherene says:

    I can feel you when you think of that nice heels, but imagining yourself at the park chasing Cora. I do that always, I have to think my son first, before donning that killer wardrobe lol.
    I’m sorry for Cora ( bruise), but that’s all part of growing up.:))

  5. bchallies says:

    Our poor baby!

  6. Victoria says:

    I love my time with you two lovely ladies 🙂

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