Enjoying the Weather

Today it’s supposed to be a high of 81.  I can live with that.  I love spring weather and after last week being cold, overcast and rainy…I am ready for some sun.

This weekend was spent mostly outside.  We filled our window boxes…they look so cheery. Now I’ll have to watch the weather every night to make sure it’s not going to freeze…

That’s the problem with sudden warm weather…we forget that it may not last…so our window boxes may spend some nights covered in plastic.

Cora loves being out in the sun…my porcelain baby.

Sometimes I hate that she inherited my white skin…sun will never be her friend but as long as I remember to layer on the sun block she’ll survive.

She discovered puddles yesterday and of course loved to splish-splash. (yes, that is daddy with rolled up jeans) We let her jump, stomp, and thoroughly enjoy the puddles.  She also loved the “BUBBLESSSSSS!”

Today I’m excited to spend the day with my aunt who is visiting from Montreal…we so rarely see her so this is a treat.  And we’re excited because it seems we are going to make a somewhat impromptu trip to Canada in May as one of my cousins is getting married.  Always nice to have an excuse to see my extended family.

Anyhow…I’m writing about nothing because I have nothing to write.  Have a great Monday!


9 Responses to Enjoying the Weather

  1. LeAnna says:

    Oh, your window boxes are so pretty! I’ve been resisting the urge to plant tomatoes and such, it was above 95 degrees yesterday, but today the high is 58, so no living thing is safe until it decides to even out!
    Pale facers unite! Eh, that sounds bad…but I know your situation. I’m lily white and burn so easy. I’m pretty sure my daughter has her Daddy’s darker complexion, but I’m still not sure about my son. He’s fair skinned, but doesn’t burn easily. We shall see. Until then, we buy stock in sunscreen. 😉 Have a great week!

  2. Betty says:

    How fun to go to Canada in May! Hope you have a great time with your aunt today!

  3. Jane Frye says:

    I have some “Preen” which you are welcome to get some to keep the weeds from growing into the boxes. You sprinkle it in before any begin to grow. It does not harm flowers.

  4. Beth says:

    Your window boxes are beautiful and are making me want to start planting ASAP!!

  5. bchallies says:

    Sunday was sheer gift, wasn’t it?

  6. Lindsey Sieders says:

    Love the flowers! and love the pictures, Cora looks so so happy and sweet!

  7. Melissa Marini says:

    Look up Think baby sunscreen. Good stuff.

  8. AWW. Who is that in the background? Justin- with the jeans rolled up and the dress shoes on. Speaking of not being a fashionista…haha~!

    Love you guys, glad you could see Aunt Laura!

  9. Susanna says:

    Cute little legs and I love her romper! And your window boxes look great!

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