Dreams, Jumpers and Flowers

I had a dream last night that our Canon digital rebel started working again…it was an amazing dream.  I kept taking these beautiful, flawless pictures…and then I woke up.  I realized that indeed, the camera is still broken and we still can’t afford to replace it.  Do you know my brother-in-law actually gave me the camera?  I have a very kind brother-in-law…and I enjoyed that camera while it lasted.  We hope to replace it eventually…for now I am thankful for our little digital Canon Powershot.  It has proved to be a very good camera.

Yesterday Cora and I made a trip to Target.  I bought myself a couple dresses to get through the next few months of pregnancy…before maternity but with muffin top.  You know what I’m talking about.  The “I just look fat” stage…I am so thankful that empire waists are in…perfect for hiding my belly.  I cannot believe they are still selling jumpers…I mean, really?  Aren’t jumpers for babies?  I don’t think I’ll even put them on Cora next summer.

I’m not usually much of a fashionista but these just need to go…

Yesterday was cool but sunny.  Cora and I spent some time outside.  The “Choo-choo!” happened to pass by. Cora never gets tired of watching the train.

Today will be another warm sunny day…so we will spend most of it outside.

On my run the other day I happened across some Wisteria (I think?).  I had to pick some…

They smell so good and are lovely. I love filling my house with fresh flowers.

Today I plan on making this recipe.  Looks good and is healthy.  Also something Cora will enjoy…My apologies for another rambling post…maybe I’ll have something of substance to write one of these days! Happy Wednesday!

9 Responses to Dreams, Jumpers and Flowers

  1. Betty says:

    That bread looks delicious, I am going to try to make some tonight! Thanks for posting that. I agree with you about the jumpers, and can sympathize with the “muffin top” stage you’re in. Cora, as usual, looks adorable, I love that jacket!

  2. LeAnna says:

    I agree 100% about the jumpers, they seriously need to go! I can’t believe they even make them for toddlers. I saw a gal on the country music awards the other night, and she was wearing a strapless pant jumper thing and I couldn’t believe it. It looked so awful! Cora looks so grown up in her jeans and jacket, so cute!
    I love wisteria, my in-laws have some climbing their decking and it is just gorgeous and smells so good. I have to keep buying flowers for around here, it is so dry nothing is blooming. I couldn’t believe the amount of grasshoppers that have already hatched, too. I’m afraid we may be in for a long, dried or grasshopper eaten up drought this spring and summer. Boo.

    Hang in there! I spent my entire pregnancies and then some blogging just like you do, so I know how it feels. 🙂 That’s the beauty of blogging! Substance is purely optional. 😉 Have a great rest of your week!

  3. Kendra B. says:

    Aghhh the jumpers!! What a horrible invention. There’s so many strange articles of clothing milling about the fashion world right now.

    Cora is such a stylish & precious little lady! I am looking forward to warmer days when I can get outside with Micaiah. Half the ground is still frozen here and the other half quite muddy. Your flowers are beautiful!

  4. Beth says:

    First of all, your muffin top has to be very tiny. Trust me… I am feeling your pain right now as well but you still look so teeny!!!!

    Second, you know how much I agree with you on the jumpers. Eww… that is all I can say about them.

    And third…Cora always looks so fashionable. She is a much better dresser than I am!!!

    Tell me how the bread turns out – I am going to have to try it as I am trying to put a little flax seed in everything nowadays!!!

  5. Melissa Marini says:

    I must admit that I own a pair of khaki short leg overalls. They are so comfortable and detract attention from my ummm… (chest) to my long legs. 🙂

  6. sherene says:

    Cora is indeed fashionable little girl, thanks to you:)) I can’t wait to see your big belly:))

  7. Susanna says:

    Oh dear…must I admit that I actually kindof think the jumpers for toddlers are cute! I haven’t ever put one on Ellie but I have thought about it!;) I’d definitely never wear one but perhaps for one of my girls while they’re still little!:)

    Anyways, I love Cora’s coat…very stylin!

  8. Danelle says:

    i really really like Cora’s army green jacket! adorable. I mean I really want one too! I think Cora looks more and more like Cooper the older she gets. Do you see that, too?

  9. bchallies says:

    Ditto on your fashion statements….Our Cora is precious!

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