Running with a Survival Snack Bag

On Monday I woke up anticipating a nice long run.  I strapped Cora in the jogger and suddenly started feeling weak, tired and dizzy…then I started to sweat.  I know that feeling well.  Always happens to me when my blood sugar drops.  I walked inside, grabbed a handful of grapes, stuffed them down and once again started out on my run.  About 2 minutes from our house I started to sweat again..started feeling dizzy.  I walked back to the house and started looking for something sweet. I searched everywhere and  we had nothing.  Grapes just were not going to satisfy. I was feeling worse and worse.  I grabbed my wallet and pushed Cora towards our local coffee shop.  I walked in and said “I need a cinnamon roll and cookie.” (this was about 10 am) I was still sweating, I know all the color had drained from my face…and I was somewhat panicked.  I needed something with sugar and I needed it NOW or I was going to pass out. (Which I did my last pregnancy…while watering plants in the backyard)  The guy at the shop knows me well as I’m a regular and started to chat with me.  I politely carried on a conversation but as soon as I had my sweets I left…walked outside and started stuffing my face.  I ate the cinnamon roll, then I ate half Cora’s cookie…I stopped sweating, I stopped feeling dizzy, I felt human again.  And I went for a run…covered in sticky cinnamon and chocolate, sugar shooting through my system, calories taking over my body…my stomach cramping.  Ah, the irony of trying to “exercise”while pregnant. I’m going to have to remember to pack my survival snack bag like I did last pregnancy…I am insanely hungry the first trimester. Anyone else’s blood sugar go crazy when they are pregnant?

Cora has been enjoying the warm weather. Sunday evening we were outside for a couple hours.  She was hot and sweaty so we decided to turn on the sprinkler.

She loved it.

I am so thankful for the makes everything so much easier as Cora can spend endless amounts of time in the outdoors.

Yesterday I made a trip with a friend and her little girl to Ikea.  The babies did so well wondering the store for 3 hours.  There were so many things I wanted and so many things I “needed”.  Needless to say I dumped half my cart right before check out…yes, I am that woman..I bought beautiful curtains that I’m hoping to hang this week.  I have changed so much in our house but haven’t been good about taking pictures…hopefully I can share this week.

Happy Wednesday!

9 Responses to Running with a Survival Snack Bag

  1. Betty says:

    So glad the coffee shop is close by! Those pictures of Cora are so adorable in the sprinkler!!

  2. Anna says:

    Wow, I have never had that happen, but I’m glad you were able to get your emergency cinnamon roll! To be honest, I hate exercising in the first trimester, and I still haven’t gotten back into it in the second. I know it’s really important but I have used my lack of weight gain as an excuse… when it’s more important for my health overall. Kudos to you for running, with your toddler, in your first trimester, after almost passing out!

  3. bchallies says:

    I understand that hypoglycemia only too well….Have to stock up on O Henrys when in Canada

  4. Oh, you poor thing! I remember when you fainted in the backyard, watering the garden!

    I hope I can help you out over the next few months. I love you!

  5. LeAnna says:

    Bless your heart! I never have had any issues with sugars while being pregnant, but I do get get dizzy if I don’t eat breakfast or lunch. Which I obviously try to avoid, but there are days it’s a snack and dinner for me. Love the pics of your girlie in the water, toooo cute!

  6. Lindsey Sieders says:

    Poor you! i have trouble with my blood sugars as well during pregnancy. The last pregnancy I started fainting in church, thankfully i snapped out of it to walk out and not be carried. Its a terrible feeling isn’t it? There’s nothing worse than that feeling coming on when you have a toddler with you! Hope the emergency stash of sugar helps! Great pics of Cora! oh to have warm weather and a sprinkler on 🙂

  7. Susanna says:

    Oh no! I know that feeling well! Be careful! Don’t faint on some sidewalk in Ringgold or you might make the front page of the paper again!!;)lol

    Love you!

  8. Beth says:

    Those pictures of Cora are sooooooo good!!!! I loved seeing her tonight. Her personality is so animated that I can just sit and watch her and laugh. I love that little girl more and more each time I get to see her.

    I am sorry you are struggling with your sugar. That is something I don’t have to deal with, as far as it being low, but last time i had to deal with it being high. But having to eat a cinnamon roll isn’t too bad… I could think of worse ways to be tortured!!! lol.


  9. sherene says:

    Be sure to buy lot’s of sweets so u don’t have to run to the store in case that happens again.
    Cora is so cute:))

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