A Little More Kitchen and Calzones

I thought I might share a couple more pictures of the kitchen.  It still isn’t finished so I will just show parts of it.  Yesterday I hung one set of curtains I bought at Ikea.  I also hung a painting. (Finally something on the walls!)   One that my father-in-law painted which is just perfect for the spot.

Here’s the only picture I could find that will give you a reminder of what it used to look like before.

The built-in walls went from this.

To this.

This is the fabric I am using to make roman shades to go on our other set of windows…

I had searched and searched for the right fabric…never thought I would find it at Ikea!

We still have to order hardwood. Justin is hoping to pick up some samples this week.  We have to do a lot of touch up painting, three doors still need to be hung and the desk area needs to be rebuilt.  A very long process but worth the wait!

Tuesday night I made calzones.  The dough recipe is from my sister’s blog. (who never posts anymore…we miss you…hint, hint..) I made them with all wheat flour as opposed to half-and-half.  They were delicious…we both love ham and pineapple but I also added broccoli and bell peppers.

Roll them up, brush with olive oil and they are ready to go.

15-20 minutes later they are baked and ready.

Tomorrow I have another prenatal visit…I’m excited and nervous.  I can never relax until I hear a healthy heart beat…I’m hoping I’ll have another ultrasound and will see those little legs and arms moving!  Since I won’t have time to blog tomorrow…Happy weekend to you all!


7 Responses to A Little More Kitchen and Calzones

  1. LeAnna says:

    Those calzones look sooo good! And your house is looking wonderful.(not like it didn’t before! you’re so talented at decorating!) I can’t believe the difference in the built in walls… I bet it feels so much lighter and airy in there.

    Your email didn’t show up on my comments, or I would have just emailed you a reply, but OH MY WORD. Can’t believe you found your pic on a website! Is that an option that wordpress has? Where you can just search for your pictures? Craziness!!!

  2. admin says:

    I just searched my website in google images and it was right there…they also used a picture of my sister’s two boys. So strange.

  3. Grace, those look so good! And that fabric is amazing….I love it! It is the exact right shade of grey, too. And the best balance between classic and retro. So glad you got to IKEA.

  4. sherene says:

    I wish I have that talent of yours, decorating ur own home:))
    I feel sad when you have new post, and there’s no pic of Cora :))

  5. jessica says:

    Yum , broccoli with the hawaiian looks great.
    LOVE the kitchen so far and the fabric.

  6. bchallies says:

    The new look is wonderful!

  7. chu says:

    We call them empanadas here and they have carrots, and turnips filling.

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