Drawer Pulls, Pools, Thrift Stores, and all Things Random

I’ve had a sudden burst of energy this past week.  I guess the blessings of the 2nd trimester have begun(obsessive cleaning, obsessive organizing, obsessive nesting).  The only big issue I am having is my sciatic nerve…the pain is flaring up like never before.  I’ve had this issue since I was about 13 but it has never been this intense.  I have been doing to the stretches I found online but unfortunately they are not helping…hoping this won’t go on 5 more months.

As you know…energy for me usually is displayed in my home. Yesterday I went to the TJ Maxx near Justin’s work.  I was thrilled to find beautiful drawer pulls on clearance.  A long, long time ago I painted Cora’s chest of drawers white.  I used the same hardware as I could not justify spending money to replace them.  TJ maxx just happened to have an entire set for $6….and look how beautiful they are!

I have learned that delaying gratification is always worth it…

Then I started looking around Cora’s room and realized something.

It looks like such a baby room.  Our little girl is really outgrowing being a baby…she is such a little “big” girl now.  Maybe it’s just having another one on the way that makes me feel this way???

I have started thinking about a big girl bed for her.  I don’t know that I will do the toddler bed…may just do a twin bed with rails.  Why?  Because I just hate thinking of another step…another transition.  I love, love, LOVE old iron antique beds.  Much like this one.

There just so happens to be a beautiful one in our antique store…we’ll see. We are going to have our next baby in our room until they are sleeping decently and then we are going to have them share.  I know. Crazy.  But we have no choice.  I know many parents who have made this work.  I’m sure there will be nights of dispair…but we will have to make it work.  The baby will be in Cora’s crib.  I don’t want to transition Cora to a bed while we have  a brand new baby.  However, she still sleeps so well in her crib…ahhh…much to think about!

The temperature outside decided to drop about 15 degrees this week.  Strange and cold.  Very cold.  Last week we spent every afternoon in her baby pool…

This weekend will be hot again…I know Cora’s dying to get back in “WATTERRRR!!!!  OK. OK.  WATERRRRR!!!”

This week we have watched a little more TV than usual.  We actually watched Toy Story 3 together and I cried.  Yes, cried.  The very end of the movie was so touching…(when Andy gives away all his toys including Woody)  I’ll just excuse myself and blame my tears on pregnancy hormones.

Speaking of Cora.  She loves to undress herself while “napping.” She also has a habit of putting her shoes on, (usually on the wrong foot) and yelling “Bye-bye!!!!!” as she attempts to escape out the front door.   I am sure she would be perfectly happy wondering the town on her own.  Not a thought of mommy…I love her independence but sometimes it worries me.

Last week I made a little stop at a thrift store near out house and found these beauties…

Do you ever want to be inside a picture or painting?  That’s how I feel when I look at these.  They make me happy.  I am not usually a fan of brass but absolutely love these little guys.  I will find a home for them soon…most likely the bathroom or our bedroom…maybe the side room.  Plenty of places I could put them.

Time to start my day…Hoping to go for a “run” today…more like a limp with my stupid nerve pain.  I have a new route as my old one is where most of the tornado damage happened.  It’s been strange…I miss my old routine, I miss seeing familiar smiling faces but I just don’t have the heart to see all those houses gone…all those people gone.  Every day I am sure to thank God for protecting our house.  Something I hope I never take for granted.  It’s so easy to forget God’s providence and mercy.  He is merciful, he is good…and for some reason he decided to spare our family a lot of pain when the tornado ravaged this town.

Please continue praying for little Amelia.  My sister and husband have been posting daily updates.  May God be glorified.

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  1. Betty says:

    I love the brass bed. That antique store has been very good to y’all, when it comes to beds/bedding. I STILL think about that beautiful quilt you got there several years ago! Levi is in his Beatles shirt today, which made me think of you, I will be praying for your nerve pain, that has to be very hard. Matt is leaving for NY Memorial Day. speaking of, we’ll be home this Sunday and then I’ll be home next Friday & Saturday morning. I would love to see you at some point!

  2. Anna says:

    I laughed when I read the first sentence, because my energy kicked in over the past couple days and I have been cleaning and nesting like a crazy woman (partly in preparation for my parents’ arrival, but also just because I feel the nesting urge like I never have before!).

    I’m sorry about the pain you’re experiencing. Hope it doesn’t go on throughout the pregnancy.
    We have been thinking about the sleeping situation too. Since Christian will only be 20 months old when Tabitha is born we will probably end up getting another crib. My goal is to have them rooming together eventually, but I will probably keep her in a bassinet in our room, then in the office, until she starts getting into a routine at night (hahaha… I can just hear those words coming back to haunt me…)

  3. Lindsey Sieders says:

    on sharing….just for encouragement, Kaylin and Jacob have always shared (except for three brief months after we moved and had an extra room and then realized we were pregnant:) They are 20 months apart, and it really doesn’t take long for kids to adjust. Its been good for both of them. We often wake up hearing them giggling, the other night we checked on them and they had both fallen asleep in Jacobs bed, Kaylin had snuck there to read him a story. We’ve decided to keep them sharing for awhile! In fact, Jacob won’t fall asleep anymore on his own until Kaylin’s in the room as well! (its always wonderful when we’re somewhere else and have to put them down!) Love the dresser!

  4. LeAnna says:

    So much prettiness on here! Love Cora’s dresser, I’m fixing to distress Sprigs, can’t decide if I want to do it a funky color or just go with antiqued white. I went thrifting yesterday and found some fun stuff, but I need some drawer pulls! Must keep searching. Have you seen a chiropractor who works with pregnant women? The one I’m going to has a lot of experience working with pregnant women, might be something worth looking into. I hear ya on the room thing. I’m thankful we have a 2nd room, but I know that if we stay here we’ll eventually have to combine kids in rooms, and I don’t look forward to it. But, it can be done, for sure! I think getting a twin bed with rails is the way to go. I happened to find Q’s solid wood toddler bed at a garage sale, mattress and everything for $15, so I snagged it. I’m sure we’ll be getting him a twin bed before too long, and we may/may not let Sprig sleep in her twin bed. Speaking of antique wrought iron, I’ve had a heck of a time finding a twin size…thankfully a friends of ours (who owns a body repair shop) has three full sized wrought iron sets. He’s giving them to us, and Hubby is welding one down to a twin size, then we’ll have the guy sand blast, powder coat, and spray it before I distress it. I hope it turns out! Wrought iron is so classy!

  5. I thought you meant each pull was $6…and I was very surprised inside:). $6 for the set is incredible!! I love the blue…

  6. Susanna says:

    WOW Grace…those drawer pulls ARE beautiful and best deal! I would NEVER be able to find a deal like that around here! They would all be $6 each or more!;)

    I’m so sorry about your pain in your back. I will be praying that it will not last long and that you might find some effective remedies!

    Thanks for your continued prayers for Amelia! LOVE YOU!

  7. bchallies says:

    It all looks wonderful Hon!

  8. jenny boyd says:

    not too long ago on craigslist (chattanooga) under kids/baby I saw a brass bed and matress set it looked to be twin size! I definately think trying to get her in a bed before baby comes would help you out!! You could leave both up as you would if baby was in there and see how it goes. I feel if you go ahead and do it, it won’t be an issue once you are ready for baby to sleep there Cora won’t even think of it as “her” bed by then. Good luck and I’m sure whatever you decide will work out!!

    Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!!! Cora is going to love all the animals!!!

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