Tin plates and Potty training

I hung the tin plates I bought a couple of weeks ago.  They seemed a perfect fit and color for the side room…

The “side” room happens to be where we spend most of our time.  It’s such a cozy room with the daybed, it has tons of light…and that’s where the TV is.  Every morning Cora watches two episodes of Dora…every evening Justin and I watch the Cosby Show re-runs(We are addicted) or right now it is “America: The Story of Us.” (Thank you Betty for the recommendation.  We love it!)

Anyhow…the side room is where I read and store my magazines.  I had them neatly piled underneath the desk but they were started to look really messy. Of course I found the perfect storage at my favorite local shop.

An awesome looking wood crate.  Just organizing them in such a simple way made the whole room look so much tidier.

Speaking of tidy…I cannot clean my house enough these days. Every little smell, every little thing that is out of place bothers me.  I guess it’s just nesting…

Cora went pee pee on the potty for the first time yesterday.  Her Nan was getting her ready to take a bath and sat her down on the potty…guess it just clicked.  We really need to start trying to potty train her.  She carries the potty all around the house and sits on it but I just have not taken the time to really push it.  The task I have been dreading…please send any good tips my way. I’ll need them.

We’re having a yard sale tomorrow.  We want to get rid of the excess stuff we have hanging around our house.  It’s amazing how much we have collected over our 4 years of marriage…Hope you all have a great weekend!

6 Responses to Tin plates and Potty training

  1. Susanna says:

    The plates look gorgeous and yay for Cora…she’ll be potty trained before Ellie probably! My girl is quite happy to sit in poop and is proud to let me know that!!!!:(

  2. sherene says:

    Set a time to send her to potty, like every 3 hours for pee pee. Even if nothing comes out, do it again after 3 hours.
    And for her poop, set a one time regular schedule every day, early morning worked for my son, might do the same for Cora.
    Trust me, setting time works.
    Let me know:))
    Oh love the tin plates, want you to know that you inspire me making my place look tidy and beautiful:))

  3. bchallies says:

    That side room is very nice…Horray for Cora, and Nan!

  4. Lindsey Sieders says:

    Love the plates! and with you on the Cosby re-runs, we’ve been watching them as well, its one of our favorite shows. Good luck with the potty training!

  5. Love the crate. Want the crate. My birthday is coming. And that is all.

  6. LeAnna says:

    I think the apple crate is darling, too! What a great find. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff can be collected in such a short time span? Seriously, I don’t get it. I purged the house before we put it on the market and was aghast!

    As for potty training, we started sitting Q on it as soon as he showed some interest. Made a huge deal out of him going, and let him run around naked a lot. This resulted in me finding poop in odd places for a few days, but after that it clicked with him! He did so well with going #2, but #1 took a bit more time. I found that if he was running wild and free (ahem) he would go pee in the potty, and not in his underwear. I think girls are supposed to be easier to potty train, so they say anyway…I’d definitely seize the opportunity while she’s interested! That’s the best time.

    So, I bought pine nuts to make pesto cream sauce the other night, and thought of you while I paid for my nearly $7 package of little nuts. Highway robbery if you ask me.

    And, just to make myself out to sound real stalkerish, I’m trying your version of chicken pot pie tonight! My poor hubby had a tooth removed and won’t be eating his birthday steak. Instead he will dine on birthday potpie. I think that’s fair enough…

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