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Yesterday afternoon I made the ride back from my sister’s house amidst pouring rain and a grouchy baby.  Cora was not happy to be forced to walk out on her big cousin “dosh’s” birthday party.  You see, it was a pool party.  I had no bathing suit and Cora thinks that she can swim by herself.  After she realized I was not going to let her jump and sink beneath the water she started trying to open all the juice boxes.  Then I began to realize that I was sweating. A lot.  That I am pregnant and I hate the heat.  We waved goodbye to my sister and Cora’s sweet cousins.  She tried to leave with a goody bag…I returned it.  And we were off.

Cora and Will have developed quite the friendship.  They are two weeks apart which makes them easy companions.

They are both busy.  Very busy.  They share easily as Will is used to having everything taken from him (youngest of 4) and Cora is used to having everything (only child for now).  Although, he does not like when his cousin touches his trains.

Cora leads and Will follows.  They seem pretty happy with their dynamic.

It seems they are often doing things in unison…because like I already wrote…they never, ever stop moving.

I love watching Cora learn to play with all of her cousins.  Wish she could all of them more.

I know I loved all of my cousins very much and could not wait to spend time with any or all of them.

And one of the things that makes me laugh…one falls asleep at night singing and the other falls asleep saying “hoooo-hoooo” as he dreams of his precious trains.

We are back from Atlanta and ready to get back to our routine.  We have a completely empty fridge and pantry…so in a couple of hours Cora and I are heading to the grocery store.  I have tons of baby clothes to organize.  I need to dig up Cora’s newborn stuff and see what we have for Elinor.  I love organizing baby clothes but it’s so hard to find the time!

I’m not sleeping well at all.  Every night I toss and turn.  I wake up constantly and am so uncomfortable.  I am only 21 weeks which makes me worry about how I’ll feel when I am in my last trimester.  I slept so much better when I was pregnant with Cora….Other than unbelievable fatigue pregnancy is treating me well.  Elinor is always moving..feeling her doing circles in my belly makes all the inconvenience of pregnancy worth it.

We are planning some possible changes with our house.  An addition…a master bedroom and bath.  Justin has planned and planned, he has researched, he has made phone calls…and I have just trusted him.  Sometimes I’ll have an opinion but most of the time I just tell him to do what he thinks best.  The thought is very exciting to me but I don’t have that frantic yearning for more…I feel at peace…and I feel very comfortable leaving it in God’s hands and in Justin’s hands. So who knows…maybe we will have a third bedroom after all!

As for our kitchen, the floor is still not finished.  We ordered wood and it came in two shades lighter than we need.  Ugh.  Eventually we’ll finish but as I have learned…all projects take way longer than originally predicted.  Especially in our case because we want to do it all ourselves.

So life continues…each day hot and humid…lots of rain.  Our routine life continues to unfold and I find myself thankful for how familiar it is…even if it lacks in excitement.  I’m hoping to post tomorrow but we’ll see…life may be routine but is always busy!

9 Responses to Miscellaneous Thoughts

  1. I heard Will hoo-hoo-ing last night as he went to sleep. And first thing this morning, I could hear him: a choo-chees. My choo-chees!

    So glad you guys could come. It was a busy time, and I was so grateful for the extra set of hands. And eyes!

    Love you!

  2. LeAnna says:

    Those two are so cute! I feel so sad for my kids, they don’t have any cousins close in age. The youngest one is almost 8 years older than Q, and a girl. It’s so wonderful to grow up with family.
    Exciting news about the addition! I hear ya on the projects taking for-ev-er. That’s how it is for us, too. Hubby is talking a reno if our house doesn’t sell. Adding an upstairs. *gulp* Makes me sweat bullets and I’m not even pregnant in the humid summer heat. 🙂

    Take care!

  3. Anna says:

    I love the pictures. I wish Christian had cousins too. My sisters are all younger and none of them are married yet although we’re close in age… so it looks like we’ll have to wait a few years.

    Sorry about the lack of sleep! I can’t believe I’ve stayed comfortable this long but I am starting to get uncomfortable. I am so antsy and I just want to toss and turn, which keeps A.J. from falling asleep too! I end up going out to the couch just because I want to move freely and not keep him awake. Hope that you are able to sleep better soon and get well-rested before Elinor comes!

  4. bchallies says:

    I understand that Cora took the ad literally and “got cracking” on the way home from the store.

  5. sherene says:

    Every time Jamboy’s (my son) cousins will visit, he couldn’t get enough, he feels so excited:))

  6. Beth says:

    I just want u to know I feel your pain as I cannot seem to sleep soundly anymore either. But we are both still getting more sleep than we will once these babies are born I bet!

  7. bchallies says:

    Family is such a blessing! So glad all the little ones have one another!

  8. Kendra B. says:

    Oh they make cute little friends! How wonderful she has a cousin her own age to play with! I remember loving being with my cousins, they were like best friends to me. Micaiah won’t have any cousins for a while it seems, most of my cousins are six years or more younger than me or older & living the partying lifestyle.

  9. Betty says:

    How fun! We went to Poplar Springs on Sunday and it was so fun to see Levi, Caleb, and Emma playing together. that would be a definite bonus if we moved home, he has (and will have) so many cousins close to his age. That white shirt Cora is wearing, is that the one you bought at Target? it is adorable! I love hearing how Will goes to sleep saying “hooo hooo” maybe when Levi is his age he will do that instead of screaming to sleep

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