Painting, Decorating and my Sweet Tooth

Hello there!  Every single day I promise myself I will post…and every single day I forget to do so.  I have missed my blog and am hoping that this week I will spend more time writing.  I feel like life has suddenly gone into turbo mode and I am trying desperately to keep up.  Actually, I kinda had a break down last week.  I was dragging myself around…it felt like my limbs were made of lead.  Everything was tiring me out and Cora has reached a level of busyness that means constant mess, constant disaster, constant disorder…I actually didn’t know whether to laugh of cry when last Thursday I heard a strange sound coming from the back of the car.  We were returning from a trip to Aldi and somehow Cora had managed to get a hold of the carton of eggs.  I heard a cracking and plopping sound coming from the back seat.  I looked behind me to see her…a huge smile on her face, dropping the eggs one-by-one on the car floor.  Cracked egg shells and yoke everywhere.  Thank goodness Mimi came the rescue this weekend and took Cora Friday and Saturday night!  I hadn’t had a break from her in months and did not realize how desperately I needed one.  Of course we did not physically rest…we took advantage of our time.  Justin ran a 5k…(I am posting the most unflattering photo of myself…8 am, makeupless and so tired my eyes are swollen shut…the pregnancy glow has not happend this time around.) He did really well considering his lack of training!  I think he’s hooked.

On Saturday I painted…and painted and painted!  For years I have wanted to tackle or living room as it was far too dark for me.  But the ceiling had to be painted and Justin told me he would not help. He had painted it once and wasn’t going to do it again.  I understood…after all, it was a really pretty color.  Just dark.  And I don’t like dark.  Saturday we went to Lowes and picked out a paint color we both liked.  I did paint all the walls but then could not paint the ceiling.  Justin came the the rescue and Sunday night we almost finished the job but of course ran out of paint. Here’s the color before.

You can see all the edges are not painted.

Still not finished but we are loving it!

This picture cracks me up cause you can see Cora rolling around in the background pitching a fit over something.

I’m loving the opportunity to use more color again.  The room used to make me feel trapped. (if that makes any sense)

A while ago I bought some prints from this Etsy shop.  I am so excited to finally use them!

And of course, my favorite cabinet is back in its corner.

Eventually I would like to find some throw pillows that I like.  I have been searching for years but have never found any that are what I want…and if they are what I want they are way too expensive.  I’ve just go to learn to sew.

Our kitchen is also coming along nicely. (note the one black hinge)

We bought a kitchen island for $40 that I found on craigslist.  Justin is refinishing it when he has the time.  Our hardwood came in and is the wrong color.  We are still trying to figure out what to do about that.  We can return it but then we still need to find more and will not be able to find it for such a good price.

I have developed a sweet tooth this pregnancy.  I don’t want to indulge it so I have discovered a treat that satisfies my cravings…berries and cream.

It looks like today is going to be another rainy day.  We’ve been having a lot of these lately.  Which is great for our garden but makes it hard to entertain Cora.  Right now she is coloring in her coloring book…throwing half of the crayons on the floor.  And so the tidying begins….

8 Responses to Painting, Decorating and my Sweet Tooth

  1. Kendra B. says:

    Your house is just….gorgeous. I love it. And so organized & clean! The lighter color in the living room was definitely a good move and I know exactly how you felt “trapped” in the darker hue haha. Love the corner cabinet, I’ve always wanted one of those!

  2. Danelle says:

    ooo. berries & cream is one of my go-to snacks too! looks yummy. the house, as always, looks great, Grace! I like light colors too! It makes it look wider/bigger. and you do not look “un-glowing”. You’re gorgeous, precious pregnant.

  3. Look at Cora, punishing you for being away… Welcome home, Mom! The rooms looks great, and glad you are happy with it, after being so hateful toward it for so long:)

  4. LeAnna says:

    Oh my, the eggs sound like exactly something my Q would do. Ack! I love how the lighter color brightened up the space, so pretty and inviting, it just makes me want to come over for cream and berries… 😉

  5. Betty says:

    I love the lighter color as well, glad it is finished! I really like those prints above the couch. Today I was dreaming if we lived at home and how we could meet every week to drink coffee while our various kids ran around creating messes. We can take turns letting our children destroy each other’s houses, don’t worry 🙂

  6. bchallies says:

    The living room looks fabulous – much better.

  7. Beth says:

    The new color looks great!!! And so did that pic of the berries and whipped cream…hmmm…I have both in my fridge at the moment and I think I need some RIGHT NOW!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I came searching for this post because somewhere in my foggy brain I had remembered that your living room (old color) was the same as ours and now I’m wanting to go lighter and would love to know what shade this is!

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