23 Weeks and What’s Cooking

I am officially a little over 23 weeks.  Yesterday I tried to take a picture of myself in the mirror…kinda hard to take my own picture and not look awkward.  How have so many Facebook users mastered the art of mirror pictures?

This pregnancy continues to be very easy other than extreme fatigue.  I have actually started to nap…unheard of for me.  Baby’s heart rate is good and everything to do with me is healthy and on track.  I was supposed to get another ultrasound today as they could not get a proper picture of her heart last visit but I had to go as I could not wait another 30 minutes…I had already been there over an hour and Justin needed to get back to work.  Next visit I’ll have my glucose test (I dread the sugar drink) and an ultrasound…and then I’ll be heading into my last trimester!

And of course I cannot sign off without sharing my latest cooking endeavor.  Food is so glorious during pregnancy…I appreciate it on a whole new level.  Here’s what we had a couple nights ago, Roasted Potato Salad (minus the eggs…ick) It consists of thinly sliced baked red potatoes…

Covered in a white vinegar and dijon dressing.

I thought the potatoes were decent but Justin loved them.  I’ll probably be making the salad again but may use a little less dijon mustard in the dressing because I feel like something tasted a little off. To go with the potatoes I made Honey Garlic Balsamic Chicken. This I found very tasty and will definitely make it again.

And so the cooking saga continues…feel free to share any and all of your favorite recipes with me.  I’m all about trying out new meals!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




8 Responses to 23 Weeks and What’s Cooking

  1. Anna says:

    Mirror pictures are ridiculously hard. I don’t like taking them but I’m determined to record baby growth this time. You look so cute!

  2. admin says:

    Agreed Anna:) Hard to take pics of self but am determined to have some.

  3. Betty says:

    You look great in your picture, I love that outfit! You do look really good this pregnancy, despite you feeling tired! So glad baby is healthy, November can’t come fast enough!

  4. LeAnna says:

    You look cute!
    Made this last night:http://www.burlapandbasil.com/2011/06/roasted-sweet-corn-shallot-pasta.html
    OH MY, so good. I tweaked it a bit…added a sliced pan fried (in olive oil) chicken breast, about a cup of chopped mushrooms, lots of extra basil, and a healthy splash of heavy cream. Served it with kamut spaghetti noodles (love their whole grain properties, without the chewy texture most whole wheat pasta has). We ate it with bread machine italian breadsticks (recipe here: http://www.mutheringheights.com/?p=8449) and while I should have put something green with it, I did not, and we ate it in one bowl. Super good. Actually, her website has a lot of really tasty looking food. I like the sounds of this one: http://www.burlapandbasil.com/2011/02/chicken-with-boursin-mushroom-sauce.html
    and this: http://www.burlapandbasil.com/2011/03/black-beans-rice.html

  5. sherene says:

    Sweet bumps out there, u look stunning still with your meggo preggo pic.
    And that is so yummy, might try:))

  6. Kathryn says:

    Goodness, you are so beautiful! I love your little baby bump. You look great! The recipe looks delicious too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. bchallies says:

    Invite us for dinner any time!

  8. Looking good- you and the food:)

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