Mornings, Water Fountains and What 27 Weeks is Looking Like

I have nothing to write.  Ever.  We have had a great week.  Plenty of time spent with cousins…fun and busy.  Yesterday was a trip to the water fountains with Aunt Beth and Cooper.  For a while it was just me and Cora.  Which never happens downtown.  I loved every moment and so did she.

The smell of chlorine and the soothing patter of water.

An overcast and cloudy sky…lovely.  It’s been so hot…to feel cool for just 30 minutes was relief.

Actually, I am such a morning person.  I have been getting up around 6 to exercise…it’s therapeutic for me.  The quietness, the peace…the sun rising, a mixture of colors swirling in the sky.

I love feeling like I am the only person awake.  Alone.  My thoughts uninterrupted.

The dark silhouettes of the trees lining the sky.

Silence. The thud of my feet on the pavement…hearing every breath.

I’ve always loved mornings (and hate night as Justin can attest) but I think I like them even more since being a mommy.  Just me, myself and I…which hardly ever happens.

So we played and played at the fountains.  When Cooper showed up Cora was as happy as could be.  She adores her older cousin.

But unfortunately they had missed out on the solitude of what Cora and I had enjoyed.  There were probably about 40 kids running in the fountains.  Chaotic but fun.

And they had a great time.  Cooper playing in the heart of the fountain…Cora a little more timid kept near the edge or near mommy…eating Cooper’s snacks.

And now a quick pregnancy update.  I am officially in the last week of my 2nd trimester.  Getting close to the end and suddenly time has slowed down.  I have started counting down the days.   I am going to try to keep very busy until the end because I hate waiting…I’m like a little kid counting down the days until Christmas.  The end seems so far away!  And now a picture of what Elinor is looking like these days.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I hope to post a little update on Cora’s room next week as we are making the big transition to a big girl bed.  Any encouragement or suggestions you might have are welcome!


8 Responses to Mornings, Water Fountains and What 27 Weeks is Looking Like

  1. Glad it was a good week. It has been so hot that we have not even ventured to our luke-warm pool!!!

  2. Anna says:

    I love Cora’s swimsuit. So cute. You look really cute too! Welcome to almost the third trimester, won’t be long now at all! 🙂

  3. Kathryn says:

    You are so beautiful! you look great. I can echo your thoughts with the morning hours, and peacefulness and aloneness with the Lord… I just love it. Unfortunatley for me, it’s WORK to get up early. I’m much more of a night owl by genes, but even still, the morning hours are something so beautiful. My husband is usually up and gone by 4:30am on work days, which is just a bit too early for me, but on the weekends we have started getting up early together. IT’s wonderful. On Sunday’s we spend time praying together before getting the kids up and ready for church. It’s been such a blessing.

  4. Betty says:

    I agree, I love the mornings. So peaceful, and right now, so much COOLER! So glad you and Cora have had such a great time with all the cousins this week! You look great heading into your 3rd trimester!

  5. Susanna says:

    Such a cute picture of you…you look awesome and Cora’s bathing suit is the same as Ellie’s…love it!:)

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend and fun with our kids! Thanks again for taking care of them!

    P.S. Big girl bed transition will be so much easier than you think.

  6. Danelle says:

    adorable fountain pictures. I always love your blog post titles: they remind me of Baptist preachers sermon titles 🙂 (except cooler) Also, you look beautiful!

  7. Sarah says:

    Love reading your blog! Congrats on making it to the third trimester !

  8. bchallies says:

    Coolidge Park with bridges, boats, river – nothing is more beautiful….

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