And it’s Been 4 Years Today

Today we were blessed to celebrate four years of marriage…It’s strange because part of me feels like we just got married but at the same time I feel like we’ve been married forever..but in the best sense of forever.  Forever not with a sigh but forever with a very thankful heart.  And I do pray it’s forever in terms of days on this earth…

August 11, 2007, a hot and humid day.  Nervous and excited…but happy, so happy to be married to my love.

One year later we were blessed to celebrate one whole year of marriage.  Maybe not the easiest year but a very sanctifying year…working through differences, getting to really “know” each other…trying to be a little less selfish.  Lesson after lesson…the beginning of really dying to self.

Our 2 year anniversary…pregnant.  So pregnant.  9 days from meeting our baby girl.  Excited and nervous…little did we know how different this new phase of life would be.  How God would be refining us and sanctifying us.  Sleepless nights, a screaming infant…clueless.  What do we do with this tiny thing?

A beautiful year.  Learning to love and nurture the gift God blessed us with.

Year 3.  Better than the year before.  In the routine of being a family of 3 and loving (almost) every day… A baby who is old enough to spend the night with grandparents.  Enjoying the luxury of being just us.

And year 4.  Big and pregnant but not as big and pregnant as year 2.  Loving my husband more every day.  Realizing how much I depend on him…because he is the man I love but also my best friend and my teammate.  The man who continues to amaze me with his growth and maturity.  Blessed to have spent these past 4 years learning to love, to sacrifice, to parent, to budget, to paint walls, to weed gardens, to grow vegetables, to change diapers, to stay up through the night, to run with, to drive with, to take vacations with, to eat with, to laugh with, to sing with, and even to fight with.  I thank God for our marriage.  For the blessing it has been to me.  May he grant us many more years together on this earth.


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  1. love your candid laugh in the last shot! congrats on four whole years!!! the best part?! it always gets better. at least that’s what people still tell me… sometimes it’s hard to imagine it can. : ) may you have many many many more blessed years!

  2. LeAnna says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love what you said about it feeling like forever, but not with a sigh. I know that feeling so well! It’s like there never was anything that didn’t include him, even though there was. You just fit together like God intended, and it’s such a beautiful and peaceful feeling. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt the first year (or two, for us!) were quite sanctifying. 😉 I thought we’d gotten it all figured out, and then parenting came along and wow, we really do have a sin nature. HA! 😉

    You look absolutely beautiful and I love the laughing pics! Such good memories to cherish!

  3. sherene says:

    Happy Anniversary:))

  4. bchallies says:

    Congratulationsl Hon!

  5. Victoria says:

    I am so thankful for God designing you for each other!

  6. Happy Anniversary. Forgot to check the blog that day!!

  7. Susanna says:

    Happy Anniversary! Sorry…I haven’t been checking blogs at all lately so I missed this! Love you guys!

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