Rainy Days, Baby Showers, and Getting Ready for Elinor

We are having some rainy, gloomy days and I love it.  I had almost forgotten what a cloudy day looks and feels like.  How nice it is to be “stuck” indoors…

Monday we decided to let Cora test her “brella” out.  She braved the rain in her diaper, rain coat, crocks and “brella.”  She doesn’t understand that the umbrella needs to be held over her head…


I remember well the thrill of playing in the rain.  It’s not often there is this much rain with no wind, lightening or thunder.

But Cora continued saying “Oh scary!!!”

She didn’t quite know what to make of it…maybe next time she’ll be a little more adventurous.

While I was sitting underneath shelter, Justin was doing this.

Remember that possibility of adding on to our house?  It seems that we are going to be going ahead and adding on a master bedroom and bath.  But if there is one thing I have learned it’s “not to count your chickens before they hatch” (for all you Little House fans…).  Everything is in place so far for us to be able to do what we need and God willing we’ll have a 3 bedroom home in the near future.  It is a relief to know that Maybe Elinor won’t be in our room for the rest of time and that hopefully Cora won’t have to share her room …at least not yet.  Cause I really don’t think that would be a good transition.  So, Justin, my dad and his dad spent this past weekend getting rid of our screened porch and half of our deck.  There is now a big hole, more boards that need to be removed, a pile of junk laying by the road and all of our porch furniture underneath the car port.  Classy.  The neighbors love us.  And there is no hope of it looking any better for a while.

Other news…This past Sunday two dear ladies on Justin’s side of the family hosted a baby shower for Beth and me.  They did an amazing job.  Beautiful details like this…

I adore this sign and will hang it in Elinor’s future room…

My mama, oldest sister and her two girls were able to come.

And we were showered.  Showered with many beautiful and practical gifts…I feel so much better knowing that I finally have some tiny little diapers!

Thanks again Betty and Danelle!

I’ve finally started to prepare for Elinor’s arrival.  Little things like washing her clothes…which means our laundry room looks like this.

Which means my other laundry sits on our bedroom floor like this.

And for 3 days we no longer had a living room table.

And of course during all this chaos Justin happened to unearth some Ball jam jars in the attic. They were Covered in insulation and dust…it was like a dream for me (and there are still 2 more boxes)!  So I, who can never delay gratification, insisted that he bring some downstairs.  And now they sit on our kitchen counter…full of dead bugs and dirt.

I always start multiple projects at the same time and am left with little messes all over the house.  So today’s plan since it’s Cora’s nap time is to clean, organize and get this house caught up…amazing the damage one long weekend can do!  Hopefully the by the time Justin comes home from work the laundry will be folded, the bathroom floor mopped and the Ball jars clean and sparkling.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to give a 32 weeks update…only 8 more weeks to go!

8 Responses to Rainy Days, Baby Showers, and Getting Ready for Elinor

  1. YOu better save me a jam jar! And my house too looks like a bomb has detonated, as we shift the kids around in their rooms. Such a huge project-especially the closets.

    So soon til Elinor!

  2. Betty says:

    So glad you liked the sign! I am always amazed/thankful for Justin & Matt’s family generosity! I also understand the bomb in the house. After a 3 day weekend and 2 1/2 days of work, I wish I could blame the mess on a new baby on the way and a house addition 🙂 I almost called you this morning, maybe tomorrow we can chat.

  3. you look so pretty!!! happy baby shower! : ) the sign is absolutely gorgeous. elinor is going to love it. it won’t be much longer now, at all! soon you’ll be a mommy to two. and hopefully your house will have two kid’s rooms to prove it. ha!

  4. Love rainy day and “brellas!” And how sweet that you had a shower! Your in the home stretch!

  5. Kendra B. says:

    Cora is SOOOOOOOOO adorable! Oh my goodness. Her smiles are full of sunshine in these rainy day pictures 🙂

    What a beautiful baby shower, those ladies know how to decorate with some serious style!

    My house looks like your house in these pictures all the time hahaha, there’s always laundry on the couch and we haven’t seen the top of our coffee table in a while….I’d better get on that I guess!

  6. Susanna says:

    Looks like it was a great shower! Have fun getting things arranged for Elinor!

  7. bchallies says:

    Your house looked great again today, so good job in getting rid of all the mess!

  8. LeAnna says:

    What an adorable shower cake!!! And adorable ladies to boot. Love, love, looove the brella pictures, too precious. I feel for you on the remodel phase. It’s such a blessing, but the upheaval in the process is so daunting. I can sooo relate to the “multiple projects cluttered mess” bit too 😉

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