Slow Days

Our house changes every day.

Two days ago it looked like this.

And then as of yesterday the roof of the addition was finished as well as the roof over our new porch (which I am so excited about!).  We also got some windows…

I finally joined pinterest.  I find it the best way to document all that we hope to do.  It’s fun planning and online shopping but I think it’ll be kinda painful actually spending the money to get the things we need.  Maybe that’s why we both keep putting off decisions about which bath or which faucet….although seems we finally have everything but the vanity picked out.

Cora loves the “big MESS!” outside.  For some reason she keeps blaming the mess on my poor dad…”Beba is so messy!”  We’re pretty sure it’s because he’s done our landscaping and she associates outside change with him. The “big mess” includes a very big sand pile.

As usual daddy is right there playing alongside her.

He even took her into “the cave”

Mommy preferred to not climb underneath the house even if it was just grass a week ago.

I always tell Justin that I am the one who kisses her boo-boos better and I meet her physical needs but he is the fun one.  She loves to play with daddy.

I’m so happy to see their bond deepen as Elinor’s arrival is soon and Cora will be dethroned.

And our week is looking pretty slow and empty.  Hanging around the house listening to hammering and banging…

Waiting.  Waiting for completion of a big project and more importantly waiting for Elinor…



7 Responses to Slow Days

  1. Betty says:

    All this waiting leading to such great things! The house is looking great, and I’m so excited to see all that you picked out. Both of y’all are so great at decorating, it’s going to look beautiful.

  2. Danelle says:

    exciting things. “Dethroned” love it!

  3. i am getting so anxious to see it’s completion. as i know you are even more! : )

    it’s too funny that she blames the mess on “beba.” how cute.

    the picture below cora holding sand and it falling through her fingers, is so beautiful (along with all of them!). i love the sun streaks and the daddy-daughter moment.

  4. LeAnna says:

    Your addition is looking wonderful! I’m sure you are so excited, both to have the extra space and to have it DONE!
    My kids would totally love that huge pile of sand. Cute pics!

  5. Susanna says:

    Wow…I didn’t even know you’d started the addition…it looks great! That is brave of you guys to take that on when Elinor is just around the corner! Many changes for you but an exciting thing to have more room!

  6. maryanne helms says:

    Oh wow, a huge change. Such an exciting Fall for you guys! It’s like you took every life change and just plugged it into one month! Can’t wait to see the house, to see Elinor:)

  7. How exciting!!! the new addition is looking great, and its going quickly! Cora looks like she’s having a blast 🙂 something precious about little kids, sand and dark small tunnels to crawl through.

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