36 Weeks. The countdown has begun.

I just typed 26 weeks in the title…and was so happy to backspace and change the “2” to a “3”…then I put wheels instead of weeks.  Have I mentioned lately that I have no brain?  At all?  I’ve almost lost my ability to communicate both through writing and more importantly verbally.  The words and thoughts don’t come.  I just stare at people blankly when they ask me questions…Like when I held a door open for a girl the other day and she said “Thank you” and I responded “thank you.”  I heard her “tee-hee-hee” to her boyfriend.  Or when I went to buy Cora a cookie yesterday and they asked me “what are you having?” and I responded “Well, I was going to get her a cookie but you don’t have any” and the lady said, “No.  What are you having?”  I just looked at her and then realized she was talking about my belly.  After I processed the complexity of her question I responded “A girl.”  Ugh.  My brain is mush.

I had my 36 week ultrasound today…and my first “real” check up (You know what I am talking about).  Baby is looking so good. She has the prettiest little mouth and nose…and for the fourth time they verified that she is a girl.  She is head down and is measuring right around 5.15 lbs.

Because we don’t have a scanner…a picture of a picture.

And as for me I am feeling ok. I am having a lot of contractions but have only made a little progress…Guess  a little progress (1 cm dilated) is better than nothing!  I am hoping and praying she’ll come on her own and that I won’t have to be induced.  And because the weight gain has been slow over the past few months I am rewarding myself with dessert tonight…I’m thinking some sort of cobbler or something really chocolatey.  Watch me pack it all on at the end…

And because I can never leave Cora out of my posts….

We went walking on my favorite trail the other day.   I  am walking at a very leisurely pace these days and therefore let Cora out of the jogger to run along the path next to me.

She insisted on my walking ahead and then waiting for her while she ran towards me.  I love the joy she finds in everything.  Times like these are the best. Sunshine, a cool breeze and smiles.

I am trying to treasure these moments.

I know I’ll look back and think how easy life was with just one baby…

And so the countdown continues but I feel less hasty.  God has given me a content heart…I am at peace waiting…even if I don’t know how I’ll fit four more weeks of baby in this belly…

I’m so excited it’s the weekend.  Apparently it won’t be a very peaceful or quiet one as we’re having a new roof put on but every little bit of progress gets us closer to the end…woooohooo!

Happy Friday to you all!  Hope you have a blessed and restful weekend!




6 Responses to 36 Weeks. The countdown has begun.

  1. Danelle says:

    I just smiled and smiled some more reading this post. I love your mush brain. It’s presh. Carrying a human is all the work you’re required to do for the next month – thinking is optional.

    can I just say that in the 3rd to last picture, Cora is doing a Pure Barre move and making me very happy. 🙂 haha! She’s a doll. Love you!!!

  2. elinor is going to be very beautiful, just like big sis!

    you should reward yourself! i’d go for chocolate!!! enjoy every bite.

    the countdown is on!

  3. LeAnna says:

    Oh gosh, I remember feeling like this with #2. I was a total scatterbrain, and unfortunately it’s stuck with me. Love the pics of Miss Cora, she looks thrilled to be outside running. I hope you don’t have to be induced, either. I don’t know what it’s like to NOT be induced, but I hear it’s much nicer than when you are. 😉 Have a lovely weekend…

  4. You should have just left your post, entitled “26 wheels”. That would have been way better!

    Rora looks beautiful in her jegs. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend! LOVE!

  5. Susanna says:

    I love the reply you made to the woman about the cookie! I could totally see myself doing that pregnant or not!;)lol I CAN NOT wait to meet Elinor!

  6. pregnancy and scatterbrain….I know the feeling! when I look back on my blog posts I’m shocked at the spelling mistakes that i never noticed!

    Have a nice weekend!

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