No Words to Write

I have no words these days.  None to write and none to say…so if my blog is a little void of posts these next couple weeks it’s because I have zero inspiration.  The creative urge will come again and the desire to write will resurface.  It’s still gotta be in there somewhere.

The addition continues to take shape and become something.  We now have a new roof.  It’s a secure feeling to know that the house in now weather proof.  Our old roof was already in seriously bad shape and the tornado did not help.

Through pinterest I found this picture which happens to be the layout of our room (windows and all).

Isn’t it pretty?  I don’t like the actual furniture but I love everything else…

We want to make our own vanity for the bathroom.  We’re hoping to find and exact buffet that will work.  Something kinda like this although we have a variety of images we like.

We are going to use a combo of penny tile and subway tile.  That’s our favorite look and matches our other bathroom.

We are using this image for our laundry room.

Minus the marble countertop and the bottles of really expensive looking detergent (we are more into Kirkland brand at Costco)…I continue to cruise around pinterest and decorating websites trying to find inspiration…however, we already have a pretty good idea of what we want to do.  I’m looking forward to the final product!

Cora and I have had a pretty calm week so far.  It’s been rainy so we’ve tried to fit outside time in when we can.  Because we’ve had to spend more time indoors she has been drawing a lot.  She begs to “Color, color” all the time and will do so for 45 minutes to an hour.

She’s also taken to dragging things into the bed with her before she falls asleep.  We walked into her room the other night and found her like this.

It’s become routine to empty her bed of all such items before we go to sleep.  When I look at this picture I realize how little she still is…

And tomorrow I am officially full term.  37 weeks.  I’ll try to post a 37 week picture although I would rather not see myself through the unflattering camera lens…and I find myself praying that Elinor will come and then I remind myself that she’ll come in God’s time not mine…

Cora just walked into the kitchen demanding to color…so the day begins its usual way.  Rain is gently falling, the world is gray and gloomy and we’re safe inside…warm and secure.  Time to light my pumpkin spice candle, turn on pandora and enjoy another indoor day.


11 Responses to No Words to Write

  1. bchallies says:

    Rain? Great! We sure need it! Am most anxious to see the addition as it is thus far. Mom

  2. Betty says:

    Praying the same for you and Elinor. God’s timing is perfect. So glad that Cora is entertained for so long by coloring!

  3. LeAnna says:

    I hear ya on not having any words. I’ve been feeling less than inspired as of late. Happy Full Term Week! It won’t be much longer, now. Your new add-on is going to look fantastic!

  4. i love your inspiration ideas and penny tile with subway tiles sounds so gorgeous. i am all about neutral colors.

    my hunter would color all the time too, if his sister would let him. it’s a hard balance because she eats the crayons like crazy. it turns into a crayon battle. : )

    happy full term!

  5. Full term! Ya!!! love the pictures of Cora with all the treasures she’s dragged into bed with her. We always have to unload the kids beds before we go to sleep. Hope the addition continues to go so smoothly!

  6. Kathryn says:

    Know just what yo umean about no words to write… been feeling that way a lot the last few months. Sorry I’ve been so absent from the blogging world, but I do still read your blog regularly. 🙂 Been thinking about you too, it won’t be long before that little one arrives. Praying for patience in the waiting time.

  7. Hi,

    It’s very nice to meet you! I’m so touched by your beautiful post and especially, your words!

    I see you’re pregnant. I’m also expecting. I’m almost 34 weeks now and feeling so grateful. This is my 3rd child and I couldn’t be happier!

    Wishing you a very blessed weekend.


    Luciane at

  8. admin says:

    Thank you Luciane,

    Congrats on being pregnant with your third! You have a blessed weekend as well.

  9. Beth says:

    So the pic of Cora with the random items in her bed literally made me bust out loud in a laugh…that was awesome.

  10. So good to see you this weekend. Excited about all the house progress. And baby progress. Thanks for visiting us!

  11. Susanna says:

    I love the pictures of what you want to do to the house…it will fit so well with what you have already done! Cora looks adorable in her bed and she and Ellie have the same shirt!:)

    Love you guys!

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