While We are Three

Hello Again Friends,

I am amazed that I have to ability to post.  At the beginning of this week I was on the verge of tears…every minute feeling frustrated and discouraged.  But through hours of vacuuming, spraying, and cleaning, our house is finally flea free.  However, I know they have their egg hatching cycles so I am not going to stop vacuuming for the next month.  Or rather, we are not going to stop.  Once baby comes Justin will most likely have to take over some of the vacuuming.  It takes me around an hour and a half to do the whole house.  Because I’m not just vacuuming the surfaces…I am in closets, under beds, cleaning chairs…every inch of my house because I NEVER want to deal with this again.  Ever.  No pets for my children….they can vicariously live through their friends.  If you would like to come over and eat off of our floors…feel free. They have never been cleaner.

About a month ago my dear friend took some pictures or our little family.  She is very talented…she and her husband make a living doing wedding photography.  Her pictures were one of the best gifts we’ve ever been given!  Though I might share some favorites with you all…a last glimpse of the Frye family being just the three of us…


Tomorrow I go in for my 38 week appointment.  I am hoping my body has made some progress towards popping this baby out!

9 Responses to While We are Three

  1. Beautiful, gorgeous pictures! you will look back on those often:) So glad that you were able to capture some of the last moments of being a family of 3. And happy to hear the fleas are gone, perhaps all that cleaning will bring Elinor sooner:)

  2. Betty says:

    Beautiful pictures! I love that last one of you three. Glad you’re floors are clean, at least Elinor will come home to a spotless house!!

  3. i am so glad you beat those fleas.

    those pictures are stunning. i like what you all wore. the black and whites are my faves. but really, when they’re all so pretty how do you choose?! i hope you have lots of frames.

  4. LeAnna says:

    Ya’ll are so cute! So glad to hear the flea situation is under control. Life is full of enough crazy stuff, bugs need not be invited to the party. 😉

  5. Danelle says:

    what special pictures, Grace. Loved looking through them 🙂

  6. Beautiful pictures!! Glad you got rid of the fleas! 🙂

  7. Victoria says:

    I love all of these! I can’t wait to hear how your appointment went 🙂

  8. maryanne helms says:

    Such good pictures!!!! You all look wonderful:)

  9. bchallies says:

    LOVE the photos….Expecting a copy or two in the near future!

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