Every Morning

Every morning I wake up and I think “Maybe today is the day…the day we meet our little girl.  Maybe today I’ll have constant contractions and my body will kick into gear…Maybe today…”

Then I go to bed at night and think…maybe tonight…and my thoughts repeat themselves day after day.  Waiting.  It’s a hard thing to do.

Friday was a complete disaster.  I had not slept at all Thursday night…not one minute.  Tossing and turning was all I accomplished.  I got up in the morning surprised at how “good” I felt.  I had my ob appointment at 9:00.  My mom was coming to help watch Cora for me.  She told me to drive her car as she was parked behind me…so I headed outside to the constant banging of the siding guys and the crashing of another guy loading up our debris in his truck.  I was wearing sweat pants and a hoodie…anyone who knows me understands that’s not my usual attire.  Noise, chaos, bugs, pregnancy, a toddler…I was surprised with how well I was handling all the upheaval of life.

And as I drove I kept thinking…I feel like I am going to cry.

Then one light from my ob’s office I rear ended someone.  In my mom’s car…stopped at a red light.  Yes, stopped.  I accelerated right into them.  The lady hopped out of her car and looked at me in surprise,”I don’t understand what happened.  I didn’t see you driving up behind me.”  I burst into tears…

I’m sorry!  My mom has a camry, I have an SUV.  I’m not used to the gas responding so fast.  I just accelerated and could not stop in time.” (And I’m insane lady…don’t you get it?  Look at this belly, look at this outfit…look at me!!!!!!   Just let me go.)  Finally she concluded there was no damage and let me go.  Thank God both cars were fine…

So I walked into the doctor’s office.  I told myself I would not cry…and I walked up the receptionist managing to simply say “About 10 minutes ago I…” then I burst into more tears.  Sobbing I told them I needed to be checked asap because I didn’t know if the baby was ok.  So I was taken back right away, checked up and the hooked me up for a stress test.  They gave me a big coke to drink and baby started wildly moving.  Have I mentioned I hate coke?  I chugged that thing cause Elinor was not moving enough.  It got her moving.  Everything was fine.  We are fine.  Once again I am thankful, so thankful for God’s protection.  His absolute sovereignty in my life.

My father-in-law came to make sure I was okay and then he drove me home.  My mom still had Cora and ended up taking Cora with her to Auntie Maryanne’s house for the night and I got to rest.  I slept so well Friday night and Saturday night…and last night.  Today I feel like a different person.  Ready for this final 10 days of waiting.  No longer semi-psychotic but balanced…at peace.  Hormones and lack of sleep are a deadly combo…at least in my life.

Here is my most recent belly shot taken on Friday.  Exactly 38 weeks.

I am so ready to say goodbye to the belly and hello to the baby that is hidden beneath.

And of course I can’t forget a Cora update.  Cora is doing well.  She has her favorite snacks at each grandparents house.  At her Nan and Pa’s house (Justin’s parents) it’s whipped cream in the palm of her hand.  At my mom’s house it’s dark chocolate chips in a little white mug.  I cannot and will not say “no” to her because I remember so well how special it was to have treats at my grandma’s house.  Things my mom did not let me have or didn’t have in the house.

Isn’t she such a girl?  She goes crazy at the sight of chocolate.

And I am addicted to apple cider with whipped cream, often topped with cinnamon.  Yes please.

So tasty and perfect for these cool fall days.

And my time is up.  Plans for today…power walking (maybe it’ll induce labor?), grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom…and doing some final preparations for Elinor.

Happy Monday!

8 Responses to Every Morning

  1. LeAnna says:

    Oh, you sweet thing. I would have cried too. When I was about that far along with Sprig I nearly toppled an entire display of Ocean Spray juice at the store. Because I absent mindedly was trying to grab one out of the middle of the very large tier of juice bottles. When you’re done, you’re done. 🙂 So glad everyone was okay (people, cars, and especially baby!). You now have me craving apple cider with whipped cream. Why have I never heard of such a combo?? Must try.

    Hang in there, Mama. You’re almost there!!

  2. Betty says:

    so so thankful you got good rest this weekend, and so thankful for family to help!

  3. carissa says:

    I know about those Camry’s! My grandma has one that I’ve driven before and that car can just coast forever even without hitting the gas. So, it’s totally not your fault. I’m glad everything was okay and it wasn’t the big deal it could’ve been. The wind once blew my car door into another car as I was getting Hunter out and they called the police! I mean, give me a break! I’m happy you didn’t have to deal with that.

    Is it bad that I give Sage choc chips as treats and I’m not even grandma?! I think she may be too spoiled by me. Maybe that’s why she’s my wild child.

    You look so pretty! Elinor will be in your arms so soon.

    Yay for feeling better today! But cry when you need to, it’s relieving. May God bless you greatly as you soon transition from 3 to 4.

  4. maryanne helms says:

    Hoping this week is a good one:)

  5. I feel for you! this waiting, its hard! I have struggled with the last weeks of each pregnancy. Each day running into the next. Glad that your okay, and what a blessing that you have a sister who was able to take Cora for a night. Sleep is wonderful isn’t it:)

  6. bchallies says:

    Soon tyranna Cora will have a piccolini sister, whose decibel level will drown out that of the trains. Justin will be on-line looking for information on chocolate sedation therapy, or sound-proofing the new crawl space.


  7. bchallies says:

    I guess you can tell Dad’s comments from mine….SO glad you are sleeping and that life is looking brighter.

  8. Victoria says:

    I am so glad you are ok! God is a good good God! We are praying for you and for little Elinor to come on out 🙂 I miss you and cannot wait to see you again.
    I about died laughing at the 2nd picture of Cora! That is true love of chocolate.

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