The Day Walmart Made me Smile

**In honor of this post.  A picture of me when I was 18 or 19…Either way…a long, long time ago. Dressed in costume for a school dance…**

Something very strange happened to me yesterday.  For the first time ever Walmart inconvenienced me and it actually made me happy…but before I confuse you, let me backtrack…

Yesterday I decided to take the girls grocery shopping at my least favorite place on earth-Walmart.  It may be inexpensive but that is all it has going for it.  I hate the place…hate, hate, hate…darn those cheap prices.  I try to blast through but wait! You cannot go quickly through Walmart.  Everywhere there is display stuff blocking the aisles and making it impossible to skirt around the person who is slowly pushing their cart along apparently interested in every last item that is a supposed good deal.  The food aisles are always blocked with two carts…people staring blankly at the millions of choices.  I try to push through as my two year old reaches for every kind of food we don’t need.  “No Cora!  We don’t need that!  Put it back!”  Plop! It’s in the cart.  Then I always get the very front of the store and realize I missed something a mile back…so I turn around and dodge all the other carts trying to find what I’ve missed.  Then my favorite part comes.  The check out line.  I try to find the line that looks like it’s moving the fastest.   Who knows, maybe it’ll be 15 minutes?  30 minutes? I play the guessing game. The person in front of me will wait until the cashier has rung up their entire cart full before taking their check book out of their purse and slowly filling it out.  My toddler grabs for everything within her reach…oh, the cruelty of putting bright colored candy at the checkout.

I finally checked out and left.  I loaded the girls back in the cart, drove home to the shrieks of a hungry baby.  When we got back I fed Elinor and started to unpack the groceries…and realized half my stuff did not come home with me.  In frustration I called Justin and told him it was my lucky day….two trips to Walmart.  He came home from work, I stuffed down some dinner and left.  After all, I had less than 2 hours before I had to fee baby again.

That’s when my day turned around.  I sat in the car and realized something…what was I hearing? The deliciousness of nothing.  Total silence. No crying, no demands for a sippy cup, no babies in the back.  I turned on the radio to a station that is definitely meant for people younger than myself.  I blasted that music.  I felt like I could laugh, cry…a mixture of emotions.  I wanted to go faster and faster…but I am a mom now and I maxed out at 5 miles over the limit.  It didn’t matter.  I felt like I was soaring.  Justin Timberlake came on the radio and I was 18 again.  No responsibilities, just me and my car…fun music, a good beat and I turned it up a little louder.  I admit, I’ve always loved Justin Timberlake’s music, especially his album Justified.  Can’t help it.  And to hear a song that was popular 8 years back (GASP! I am getting old) it  felt good! Then another song came on.  A song for todays 18 year olds.  The lyrics something like “I work out, I work out.  Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.” Wiggle what?  I neared the red light and in shame turned down the music.  I felt like the whole world would know that I, a mom was listening to such a ridiculous song …the radio whispered, “I work out, I work out.” Then it clicked.  I saw my two car seats in the back and suddenly I was not 18.  The “wiggle” song had ruined it for me.  I mean really.? “I work out.  Wiggle, wiggle?”  What is music coming to.

I arrived at Walmart.  Parked my car.  Went to customer service.  They did not have my bags (I hope the ladies that were behind me are enjoying their bag full of goodies) so they sent me back through the store the gather my stuff.  Once again, I tried to go through the blocked aisles quickly.  I grabbed Thomas the Train orajel, dental floss, makeup (the lip gloss i bought earlier was sold out), black beans, onions, the Starbucks hot chocolate mix I carefully selected was no longer available.  I felt myself getting annoyed.  I brought my items back to customer service, they matched my items to my receipt.  They refunded me my money for the things I could not find…or so I thought. On arriving home I realized they did not give me my money for the Starbucks hot chocolate…they just gave me a receipt.

I walked into a home with one little girl asleep, a baby who had just been bathed…a very kind and loving husband.  I felt renewed, relaxed…I told him about driving and blasting my music.  He said, “You felt 16 again, didn’t you?” I said, “No 18.  That’s when that song was big. I had that album and listened to it all the time.” He smiled.  He understood…we both remember those days of freedom long, long ago.  I wouldn’t trade this life for anything but I have to admit…I enjoyed my 10 minutes of the 18 year old me…a delightful little blast-from-the-past…

Wiggle, wiggle.


11 Responses to The Day Walmart Made me Smile

  1. carissa says:

    Girl, I avoid Wal Mart at all costs. Every time I go something bad happens. And now you just reaffirmed all my thoughts. Although, I will say that it could be worth it for some NSync bopping alone. : )

  2. Kendra B. says:

    LOVE THIS POST! The title alone is fabulous. Walmart is crazytown, I have to go there today actually. Maybe I’ll put in some tunes from high school to make the trip better 🙂

  3. Danelle says:

    haha! love it, Grace! awesome stuff! I do love me some JT also. MMM HMM that Justified album puts me right back in my first year or Community College… 19 yr old Danelle…100% sure my midriff was bare and I was rockin’ a puka-shell necklace. wow. 🙂

  4. maryanne helms says:

    Hilarious. The funny thing is, I work out and I STILL wiggle, wiggle. So, maybe the person who wrote the song is a Mom. You never know.

    Glad you got out at night. Every other week or so, I spend some evening time by myself, and it is really refreshing….

  5. Anna says:

    I relate to this on so many levels… I love that rare “me” time. And I have to go to Walmart this very afternoon…

  6. ha! love it! and am glad that I’m not alone in my random moments of quiet and blasting music from the past:)

  7. LeAnna says:

    Oh, is this truth, or what!? I find myself headed to the store after kids have gone to bed more and more these days. Yes, I’m tired as I push the cart, but I push the cart in solace. And I can actually think while I pick out what we need. And yes, I turn the music up extra loud, but it’s usually the country station. Don’t be hatin’, just wiggle.

  8. Rachel says:

    Hey, I found your blog via LeAnna.

    I love this, although when I get to go it’s usally with the youngest child. Being it takes 45 minutes to get to town, so hubs might have a VERY angry, hungry child in his hands by the time I made it to town, and back again. Such is life in the country.
    I like to do that music thing, although I am like LeAnna, it’s usually just the country station. Being we listen to Littles songs most regularly. 😉
    Wouldn’t trade it for anything, such a blessing.

  9. admin says:

    Thanks for reading Rachel! Guess most moms can understand:)

  10. bchallies says:

    Love the post, Hon….When Walmart would not secure my Christmas tree to the car the other day, and I had to return it, they did not rebate me either, after promising me they would…..Maybe I should have dragged it to customer service….

  11. Beth says:


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