Christmas in Our Home

I thought I would post pictures of our house and add some thoughts on Christmas but then life happened.  Life with a toddler and hungry infant, life where nap time becomes so sacred because they have napped at the same time only 3 times since Elinor’s birth…and during that time I would rather drink hot chocolate, chat on the phone, do laundry and wash the dishes…so with very few words…some pictures of our house this Christmas season.

Cora and I baked some ornaments for her own little tree.  A tradition I plan on starting ’til she doesn’t want to do it anymore.


She finger painted them and we hung them…Perfect for her hands that delight in smashing anything and everything.  Unfortunately they did not outshine my own tree.  Ah well…who was I kidding anyways.

The little tree resides on the hutch in our new hallway…

(and one more picture that has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with the amazing trim work my father-in-law and brother-in-law did. where there used to be a sliding door there is now this pretty little space that leads to our room.)

The one and only decoration in our kitchen.  Another miniature tree. I guess I could call it Elinor’s tree.

I went a little crazy buying 10 cent vintage ornaments this year…

A  little garland I made to go above the chalk board that was instantly scribbled all over by Cora thus all the chalk in the corner.  After a while I no longer have any incentive to undo the damage…

Underneath the garland is our nativity set, that is now missing one of the wise men. I’m sure I’ll find it after Christmas…most likely he’s been stashed away in the tree stand. Thank goodness baby Jesus has not disappeared. I keep trying to remind a certain toddler to keep him in the manger.

Ornaments that cannot be smashed by little hands.  Once again, not nearly as intriguing as those that can be smashed.

An obscene amount of gifts…because I have a huge family and we have 12 nieces and nephews…

Beautiful paper from Target.

And see we still haven’t painted the trim or our ceiling…I know some of you are cringing right now.

I love everything to be as natural as possible.

And a couple more pictures just for fun.

And finally,the tree at night because the lights look prettiest in the dark.

And there you have our Christmas 2011 home tour!




16 Responses to Christmas in Our Home

  1. LeAnna says:

    :swoon: Your house is so beautiful. I LOVE everything!!!! Your nativity, is awesome, missing wise men and all. Sooooo pretty. Where did you find the garland for your tree? Love how it blends so well with the natural theme, gorgeous!

  2. Betty says:

    Your house, as usual, is beautiful at Christmas. And everyone involved did an amazing job on the addition. The kitchen looks so much bigger now! I miss you friend.

  3. Megha says:

    You have such a beautiful home! And with two little ones – how do you find the time (and energy)? 🙂

  4. katie says:

    SO pretty. And I know what you mean about them rarely napping at the same time. That use to be us but so soon they will be having their naps around the same time… unless Cora decides to out grow naps before then. And once you have three… give up on thinking you will ever have quiet time! I love your decor and you home looks beautiful. you have a real gift.

  5. admin says:

    Well, it took me days and days…whereas it used to take me one day.

  6. admin says:

    Miss you too. I owe you a phone call…if only I could get them to both be quiet at the same time so I could actually manage a conversation!!!! Will try this afternoon when Cora naps.

  7. admin says:

    Thanks Kate. I hope to get them there some day. Cora is starting to fight her naps but I am fighting just as hard. I’ve heard three is the breaking point…and after that it doesn’t matter how many kids you have because you’re already outnumbered…:)

  8. Beautiful! Did you know that Target is coming to Canada….I’m excited:) Hope they nap together soon for you, those moments become VERY precious!

  9. have i told you how much i love your house and style?! because i do, i really do!!!!

    it’s gorgeous, girl! you did an amazing job, especially with a newborn in tow.

    cora’s tree is adorable; we’re baking dough ornaments here too.

    i ADORE your chalkboard area. and the Christmas tree? PERFECT.

    you ROCK mama!

  10. Danelle says:

    your house is so pier 1, Grace. Beautiful, warm and classy. Great job decorating AND taking care of 2 little girls.

  11. Looks so pretty! Can’t wait to visit next week!!

  12. […] wish I could show you pictures of my pretty Christmas decorations (I love Grace’s), but we won’t be here for Christmas and we haven’t done anything but hang up some Christmas […]

  13. Kathryn says:

    Your home (and your pictures) are lovely. I so enjoyed the little tour! 🙂

  14. Jessica says:

    Looks beautiful.

  15. bchallies says:

    Looking good…

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