Remnants of Valentines Day

This morning we had our usual 4 am wake up call.  Cora had dumped her blankie, cup, frog and mouse on top of me by the time I actually heard her little steps running out of our room. Seeing her retreat with such speed made me think she was up to something.  On Justin’s orders she went back to bed. As we lay there I told Justin That I thought she might have been after the cupcakes…(dessert from our Valentines meal.) He went to the kitchen and looked but did not see signs of anything.  As I headed out for my run this morning I thought I might check and see what I could find.  Sure enough I found a cupcake wrapper on the floor…but could not see any signs of the actual cupcake.

I assumed she must have eaten it and then licked up every last crumb or more likely it was hidden somewhere in our house.  I figured I would find its moldy remnants months from now. I came back from my run and began to make coffee.  I was still pondering the case of the missing cupcake.  I looked closely at the plate of cupcakes, still wrapped in plastic and something was wrong.  There were four cupcakes.  The same number as last night.  I removed the plastic to find this.

The cupcake was in its proper place on the plate, upside down, the icing completely licked off…and better yet:

The cupcake topper was on the bottom side of the cupcake…Little nibble marks around the edge.  She almost had us fooled.  No wonder we could not get her to fall back asleep this morning…She had indulged in sugary icing at 4 am!

Since being married and having children Valentines Day has turned into a two day affair.  One day for us and one day for our family.  This weekend Justin and I went out for our date…with Elinor, of course.

She is so easy to take anywhere.

It was a wonderful date consisting of coffee, chocolately dessert and cajun food. By 9 o’clock we were ready to head home.  It’s amazing how tired we are since being parents…what ever happend to late-night romantic dates?

Yesterday I decided to bake cupcakes.

I love this recipe and recommend it if you like butter based cupcakes as opposed to ones made with oil.

I put out some last minute decorations…

I dressed up the girls.

We were all dressed up and ready to celebrate when daddy got home.

And so we had a fun, busy Valentines Day…the grand finale was a tantrum from our Cora when we told her she had to eat dinner before she had a cupcake.  She never did get that cupcake…well, at least not from us.  I guess she woke up this morning and figured she would help herself.

I hope you all had a Happy Heart day!

12 Responses to Remnants of Valentines Day

  1. oh my cupcakes. hilarious. she’s as sly as a fox! – my kinda sweets-loving girl. your valentine’s table setting looks so pretty.

  2. Kendra B. says:

    LOVE those pictures of Cora haha!! She is such a busy bee I can tell. And the cupcake story is amazing. You decorate your house like a pro, even with two little girls in tow 🙂 Glad you were able to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day!

  3. love it:) Jacob did that once, snuck off with 4 cupcakes off the counter and tried flushing the wrappers down the toilet. Those are the stories that you cherish – even if they did involve tantrums and early wake-ups. Glad you had a nice valentines day. Ours was rather hectic and in our family style of changing the dates of holidays… we’ve decided to make Friday our family valentines..

  4. Betty says:

    Oh Cora. She is precious/crazy. The girls look so good in their matching tutus. So glad y’all got a night to yourselves. How did Cora do at your Mom’s house, did she sleep later there? After we talked last week I have kept thinking about how blessed I am that Levi ALWAYS sleeps until 7. Of course, the last two mornings he has been up at 5:45 banging his cups against the wall between our rooms yelling “MOMMA I WANNA.”

  5. LeAnna says:

    Hahaha, I can’t belive she hid it so well! Sneaky, sneaky! Your decor looks wonderful for last minute, and your sweet little girls look beautiful in their Valentine outfits!

  6. Danelle says:

    that is hysterical, Grace. What a precious little booger she is. ha! I would’ve so done the same thing and THEN blamed it on Kirstie (my sister). I’m glad it was a fun Vday for you four. You look {gaw-juss} in that pic of you and Elinor! 🙂

  7. bchallies says:

    That naughty little Cora! Anna will have to write another story about her.

  8. bchallies says:

    I think she put the cupcake back upside down to hide the fact that she had beheaded it. Crafty Cora!!


  9. Beth says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcake story! But love even MORE the converse with the tulle…such a cutie pie!!

  10. Jo says:

    What a girl! So sneaky. By contrast, I remember Kate going downstairs early one morning and bombing the kitchen floor with eggs. Not so sneaky…

  11. Oh, Cora. Anna indeed has so many stories to write and share….they look so cute in their V-Day finery!!

  12. Beth says:

    Cora is great!!! I love that she licked all the icing off and nibbled on the cupcake. She is going to be even more of a hand full when she gets older 🙂 Loved the pictures of the girls dressed up – so precious.

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