Easter Recap

Another Easter has come and gone.

Sunday morning I woke up early to make a special breakfast.  No need to set an alarm as I have my own personal alarm clock…my always punctual baby needing to be nursed.

I made these muffins.  So good and perfect paired with bacon and eggs as their sweetness balanced out all the salt.

After breakfast it was rush, rush, rush… thankfully we made it to church on time.  Unfortunately Elinor decided to get hungry about 15 minutes into the sermon (do babies have a 5 month growth spurt?) so I had to leave and nurse her.  Seems no matter how I try to time feeding her, I always end up having to leave church early.  However, I was able to enjoy the music and a little bit of fellowship…a time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Cora was given this tomb garden that was made by the older children in our church.

A perfect visual  to explain to children the death and resurrection of Jesus.  (Thanks again Linda and Gayle!)

On arriving home Cora had her egg hunt.

And without us noticing managed to eat every single piece of candy except for two chocolate eggs.

Needless to say she was totally wired the rest of the day.  I am talking totally crazy.

I finally made this strawberry pie I pulled from a magazine years ago.

It was delicious.

The rest of the day was spent with my mom and dad, Uncle Andrew and a friend from church.

We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sun and warmth.

A day for Christians to celebrate what is most important.  Jesus, His death and resurrection.   The forgiveness of sins.  The promise of eternity with Him.

7 Responses to Easter Recap

  1. Glad you enjoyed your Easter! I just made those muffins a few weeks ago, I got the recipe from pinterest, big hit in our house, and I love the girls dresses. Adorable! Its challenging getting kids and yourself dressed and ready for church isn’t it?

  2. the girls looks so beautiful in their dresses. the muffins look so wonderful. so happy to hear you had a lovely day.

  3. Betty says:

    The girls look so great in those Etsy dresses! Glad you had such a wonderful day with your family!

  4. Danelle says:

    lovely pictures of the girls. and what a sweet framable picture of Justin with his eldest 🙂

  5. LeAnna says:

    What a bunch of sweetheart girls you have! That pie looks divine.

  6. Oh, they look ADORABLE! I love that they don’t match, but perfectly coordinate! The dresses turned out so very well.

    The girls look so different from one another in these pictures. Cora is lightening, and Elinor is darkening. Both so pretty!

  7. bchallies says:

    Thanks for having us – it was lovely!

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