Elinor’s Nursery

This weekend we accomplished more in our house than we have in months.  Justin’s mom kept Cora overnight Friday so we could paint Elinor’s nursery.  We stayed up late and managed to finish painting her room.  Saturday I threw it all together.  It is full of little imperfections which, if you came to our house…you would see throughout.  I don’t know if the imperfections stem from working within a tight budget, buying mostly second-hand, or just laziness…

Welcome to Elinor’s room:

The rug I found last year at Marshalls for $40!  I could not believe the price so I snatched it up and bought it long before I had any vision for what I wanted the room to look like.  The bedding I bought at a bedding outlet.  The bed skirt is actually a twin bedskirt and I cannot quite figure out how the get it straight all the way around.  Any advice?

Her little pink chair I bought 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Cora.  It was $5 at a yard sale and I could not pass it up.  I am glad to finally have a place for it.

The chest of drawers we found it at an antique store near Justin’s work.  We love it!  Justin’s dad painted Elinor her name.  Isn’t it precious?

Justin’s mom found us this change table at a yard sale.  Justin painted it white.  It is nice to finally have a place to change Elinor.

My friend Ashley painted Elinor the little animal prints.

We found this awesome book shelf at my favorite local antique store.  It was a countertop used in restaurant or store…complete with a can opener on the far right side.

Elinor is of course oblivious to her new space but big sister is obsessed…

We are happy to finally have a space for our baby.  Now we just need to get her sleeping through the night in her crib!

11 Responses to Elinor’s Nursery

  1. Danelle says:

    looks great, Grace! 🙂 she’ll look back one day and appreciate it. Spending time with Betty this past weekend made me miss you and wish that I could do the same with you and Beth. Looking forward to seeing you Memorial Day weekend at Betty’s shower!!! <3

  2. how beautiful. it’s so pretty and vintage-like, but still all girl and full of sweet touches. i love it. sage has the same changing table! it was a $20 deal and i think it’s just perfect. : )

  3. love your style Grace! I’m not so good with the decorating but I love looking at what others do!

  4. It came out so perfect and cute! It looks just like the rest of the house- sunny and calm and vintage. I know she will enjoy many sweet dreams in here- eventually:)!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Oh I love how it looks. I would never have noticed an imperfection, instead I thought it looked like something from a magazine. You really have a knack for decorating and finding the perfect pieces.

  6. LeAnna says:

    LOVE it! Couldn’t be any more perfect in my opinion, I love the shabby chic’ness of it all!

  7. sherene says:

    Lovely room!
    Elinor for sure would love every little details:))

  8. Betty says:

    Beautiful as always! I need you to come down here and help me with Levi & Noah’s room!

  9. Kendra B. says:

    Gorgeous, you have such style! An ideal little girl’s nursery 🙂

  10. Jessica says:

    So beautiful and bright. I love all the white…and that pink chair, what a find. You have such a knack!

  11. bchallies says:

    Really lovely, Hon….

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