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I am a little late on any sort of Memorial day recap.  But here are some pictures.

We were actually able to spend time with friends.  Something that becomes more and more rare since we have out two girls.  It was a weekend of fellowship, relaxation and really, really unhealthy food.

It took me a while to recover from the weekend.  We were completely out of routine for the 4 days (Justin took off Friday) of our mini vacation.  Routine has become more and more important to me since having Elinor.  The girls have both been sick so we have been staying at home almost every day.  It has given me time to do some deep cleaning.  Like our fridge.  Every week before I add the new groceries, I wipe down the fridge.  It had been far too long since I had done a really deep cleaning.  It’s amazing how empty the fridge looks after I have thrown away all our expired food.

It will not stay this sparkling for long!

I’ve also been rearranging things in the house.  Not anything big…

Little changes that make everything feel fresh and new.

I had this loose sheet of music from an old hymn book and decided to frame it.  It has since become the centerpiece to our hutch.

I think I like to keep my shelves and furniture in perfect order because my house is always in disorder.  Having a busy toddler means the house is never perfectly clean and is only tidy after she goes to bed…potty training has brought in a whole new element of grossness.  I am so proud of her for going on her own but it means that the bathroom is always needing a scrub down.  I never know what I might find in there.  I have decided that if I were to actually keep on top of my house I would have to ignore Cora and Elinor all day long and my entire day would be spent cleaning.  obviously that is not an option so I am simply coming to terms with the fact that I cannot do it all.

And on to other things more exciting than fridges and potties…

This past weekend I bought a pair of the  Merrell Pace Glove.  I am trying to learn to run “barefoot” (or as close to barefoot without actually being barefoot or having the shoes with toes…)  We have been watching videos and are trying to learn to run the evolution method.  Which is simply avoiding heel strike and using your body in a much more efficient manner. (if you are interested in buying these shoes don’t buy online.  They are way less in stores)

So far I love these shoes although I am braking them in really slowly.  They are very different from your typical running shoe (far less cushioning, especially in the heel) and are therefore forcing me to run in a totally different style.  The biggest side effect so far is that my calves are killing me…I don’t mind muscle pain but if my joints start hurting I’m definitely going to use them less frequently.

Another recent purchase (that happened to be 40% off) is this Moutain Hardware Wicked Lite shirt.  Justin has been telling me I needed to try this particular shirt so we bought it.  I could not be happier.  I have never liked any type of  supposed sweat proof shirts with wicking. All  they seem to do is soak up my sweat but then hold in the heat. Therefore I have always stuck to cotton tanks.  This shirt is amazing.  It soaks up the sweat but it also breathes and it protects my shoulders from the sun.

With all this talk about exercise this post  wouldn’t be complete if I did not talk about food. (I need some balance after all…)  I have posted this recipe before.  It simply is the very best chicken pot pie recipe…all thanks to Joy of Cooking.

If you want ever want to make a cozy and very tasty meal, I certainly recommend this recipe.

And finally I wanted to say how thankful I am that it is the season for strawberries.  I have an obsession with berries.  They are by far my favorite fruit.  Strawberries in the summer are so delicious.

I am craving strawberry pie, strawberry rhubarb pie and strawberry shortcake.  One of these three I plan to bake this weekend to celebrate not only my dad’s birthday but also my parents 40th anniversary!

Time to sign off and get my girls some breakfast.  Happy Friday!


7 Responses to Bits of Nothing

  1. Susanna says:

    Beautiful pictures as always and I love all that you have done to the house recently and that is a great pic of you and Justin at the top!

    Anyways, I sent you an email a bit ago about some decor advice! I need some expert advice from my expert sisters and mom!;)

    Love Susanna

  2. the running sounds very interesting. i have terrible knee problems so i can’t imagine running without the support of god shoes. keep me posted on how it goes! i’m so curious. i always love glimpses of your decor- so pretty!!

  3. the running sounds very interesting. i have terrible knee problems so i can’t imagine running without the support of good shoes. keep me posted on how it goes! i’m so curious. i always love glimpses of your decor- so pretty!!

  4. Danelle says:

    yay for good form running! striking with the mid foot instead of the heel first takes some continuous attention but my joints already feel better and my runs are actually easier and more enjoyable! I’ll have to get a good summer run shirt like that one. That pot pie looks delicious. Love the framed hymn- great idea!

  5. Betty says:

    Danelle was telling me about the mid foot running, it is very interesting! I will have to tell Angie about it, as I can’t really work on that right now 😉 Beautiful pictures as always, and your home as well. I hope y’all had a wonderful time celebrating your mom and dad. I will talk to you soon, THIS WEEK.

  6. I did not realize you posted! I might try that shirt you recommended. I have not bought a wickaway shirt yet, because they all feel plastic to me. I will assume your recommendation is after use-results:)!

    I wish you would get the toe-shoes. I just would love that so much…you know my love for all absurd images….

  7. Your decor is lovely. The framed hymn?? wonderful! and one that I could even do, decorating does not come naturally to me at all:) Interesting about the running shoes, I’ve finally slowly started to pick up running again and need me some shoes, I hope to hear what you think of them after you’ve used them a bit.

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