4 Little Cousins

This post is a little overdue.  A few weekends ago we decided to take some pictures of the four cousins.  A perfect birthday gift for their Nan.


We have been enjoying this fall weather.  Saturday we went on a hay ride that stopped at a little fire pit where we bought hot chocolate and enjoyed the warmth.

Cora of course found a way of potentially hurting herself as she hurled her little body off the handmade benches.

And this little one has finally started walking…two steps at a time.  Adorable and not any less exciting than when big sister took her first steps!

A goofy and crazy little girl.

And besides taking care of these two crazies I have been doing a lot around the house.  Cora is in preschool one day a week and it is amazing what I accomplish when she is gone!  It has been such a blessing having that little window of time.  My house is actually clean from top-to-bottom…never happens anymore!  And I may finally show some pictures of our addition because I have hung pictures and made it look like a living space…only took me a year!

Hope you are all enjoying these beautiful fall days!


8 Responses to 4 Little Cousins

  1. bchallies says:

    They are beautiful photos, Hon!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love cousins together, what a wonderful gift for grandparents! Is it the pictures or is Cora’s hair getting darker? The girls are getting so big!

  3. Danelle says:

    beautiful photos. love the ones of Cora & Cooper especially!

  4. Victoria says:

    Thee pictures are so precious!

  5. maryanne helms says:

    In some photos, Elinor looks like Justin, and in others- completely like Dad. Amazing her Dad-resemblance! Glad it was a fun night. We are practically living outside on the weekends….

  6. Beth says:

    You did such an amazing job taking these! Thank you so very much for using your talent to give Mom such a perfect gift. It is sad that I STILL have not even looked at the ones Justin took with my camera. Maybe I will do it…eventually?

  7. LeAnna says:

    These are adorable, of course! Your girls are getting so big. When I was little I would have loved that pony shirt Cora is wearing… :) Have a great week, girl.

  8. such cute kiddos! what a perfect gift for nan! it’s always a challenge with lots of littles, but you did fabulously.

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