Tomorrow Elinor turns 1.  Which made me think about my blog because of course I want to blog about her turning one and about her 1st birthday.  Then I realized how neglectful I have been of this blog.  Little blog and my blog readers…I think about you a lot but I just cannot seem to find the time to do it all.  So of course the thing I let go is my blog because at the end of the day…I know it’s always here and I can pick it back up at any time.

Many things have happened since the last time I posted but the most recent event is of course, Halloween.  Halloween is something Cora has started to really look forward to. She remembered it from last year and was asking every day, “Are we going to trick-or-treat?”  Of course Cora wanted to be a ballerina.  Three years of tutus and tights.

I happened to find a matching tutu for Elinor.

Cora was eager for Justin to get home so we could leave for Nan and Pa’s house and go trick-or-treating with her cousins.

And so we had a night of costumes, fun and a horrifying amount of candy…that led to a sleepless night for our three year old.

The rest of today I am going to be prepping for Elinor’s 1st birthday.  I cannot believe she is already one.  My memories of her being born still feel so new…how can she already be such a big girl?  The world is moving too fast for me…



4 Responses to Halloween

  1. Beautiful ballerinas! We had a fairy, a fireman and a tiger, priceless:) And yes, the absolute best part of blogging is that it is there to be picked up when it works and to be put back on the shelf when the family needs it to be. And having blogs pop up in your reader when they’re updated is wonderful too:) Enjoy the celebrations of a little 1 year old girl tomorrow, life is moving fast isn’t it?

  2. bchallies says:

    Love, love the photos!

  3. Jo says:

    SO cute. It’s good to see pics of the girls again.
    Love you.

  4. Susanna says:

    Ooooooh, they are SO cute! For some reason, I feel like Cora looks kind of like Johannah in these pictures! And Elinor really is growing up too fast…I still remember as clear as yesterday holding her in the hospital for the first time, immediately after we’d moved back from NYC. Time DOES fly!!!

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