A Happy Birthday for Our Happy Girl

I am feeling very sentimental as I write this post. I had another person tell me today, “Enjoy it while it lasts!  They grow up so fast.”  She was quite old…told me her “baby” was 63.  Guess your baby is always your baby…even if they are grandparents themselves!  Amazing how parenthood-how motherhood, runs so deep in our veins.   I love my babies.  I love them dearly.  With each passing birthday I realize they really are growing so fast.  Because we all know, we all ask, But didn’t I just have you?  Wasn’t it just yesterday I welcomed you into this world? Didn’t I just have your tiny warm body nestled close to mine?

That’s how I am currently feeling about our Elinor.  Our big 1 year old baby.  A baby who has completely stolen our hearts.  It was perfect that her birthday fell on a Saturday.  We were able to throw her a big and happy 1st birthday party.

We gave her a couple outfits and a $6 toy.  Poor kid has no toys of her own and played with her little drum all morning long.

I was going to do a pretty simple party but then I kept finding beautiful and inexpensive paper goods at TJ Maxx.  Which meant I ended up doing a lot more baking then I had planned on.

Mini pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pound cake, kettle corn, grapes and chocolate cake were the menu.

A fall themed birthday for our November baby.

On Sunday I decided to take some pictures to capture our little Nor-Nor.

After all, you only turn one, once!

So proud to be taking her first steps.

Our little girl is growing up fast, just like her big sister.

We thank God for you, our little Elinor.  Our second born.  May “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you; And be gracious to you; The Lord life up his countenance upon you, and give you Peace.” (Num 6:24-26)  Forever. Amen. We love you.



5 Responses to A Happy Birthday for Our Happy Girl

  1. maryanne helms says:

    Oh, she is so, so cute! I constantly love her little chompers, and drool pouring down! So glad she is 1!! And so thankful – as always- for your diligence in pulling off these beautiful, memorable parties. The attention to detail, is always so perfect! Proud of you as Mommy, and love these beautiful little girls you own:).

  2. She’s beautiful and I can’t believe she’s 1 already! and your food display is GORGEOUS, the burlap table cloth, seriously??? Awesome idea and one I’m going to copy…..now if only we had a TJ Maxx around here:)

  3. Susanna says:

    I’m so glad we could be at the party! You put on such a beautiful event (and yummy) and we love Elinor SO much!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    What a beautiful sweet girl! Looks like a delicious spread.

  5. Rosanne says:

    What a beautiful little girl! The birthday banner is super cute.

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