Some DIY

I thought I would share some of the crafts I’ve been working on lately.  I always love a little Christmas inspiration and thought you might too!

Our Merry Christmas banner was easy to put together.

I used twine, little wooden clips, burlap pennants, doilies, and stamps.  I bought everything at Hobby Lobby.

These burlap pennants are one of the best purchases I have made.  I keep switching them out to make different banners like this one for Elinor’s party.

I love when I buy something that I recycle over and over again…makes my initial purchase (Which was inexpensive anyways) seem even more justified.

About a month I made a peppermint wreath with our niece Anna.  I stole the idea from my Better Homes and Garden magazine.  Easy to make and beautiful to look at. It’s definitely not something a little child could do because the glue is hot (I burned myself countless times) and it’s time consuming.

All you need is a wreath (foam, twig, straw), 2 bags of mints, a hot glue gun and any small, red candy (or nandina berries if you are like me) to fill the holes!  You simply glue the peppermints row by row.

Fill in any empty space with something red and, voila!  A fun and very festive wreath.

And my final little DIY project I though I would share are hair bows. (not really a Christmas craft but could be)  If your daughters are like mine, they lose every single hair bow you buy.  Hair bows are not cheap (Especially unique looking ones) and so it’s frustrating when they are lost.  I stole this idea from my sister and have been making Cora’s hair clips since she first got some hair.  All you need is any embellishment you find pretty- I love ones like this from Hobby Lobby

hair clips, and a glue gun.  The hair clips come in two sizes.  I find the tiny ones perfect for Elinor’s hair (they actually stay in) and the medium size suit Cora.

All you do is pick your embellishment, glue the clip to the bottom of the embellishment.  It will be dry in a matter of seconds.

You are left with an assortment of one-of-a-kind hair bows that cost a lot less than those you buy in the store so it’s not quite so upsetting when your little one loses them plus you can match the bow to any outfit.

A blog I read happened to post the same idea this week but hers are slightly different and she recommends using super glue.  You can read about what she does here.

Hope you all have a good weekend!  Happy Friday!

3 Responses to Some DIY

  1. maryanne helms says:

    So, so cute! Anna’s wreath hangs on her wall…but she was so offended. “Mom, I made it for you!” I thought she made it for her…it is beautiful! Remember when Mom sewed the button to her finger? Watch out with that glue gun- we have dangerous genes!

  2. bchallies says:

    Even I appreciate your hair bows..The non-crafter par excellence!

  3. Susanna says:

    I love everything…the one thing I’d like to try with success good bet is the hair pins! They are SO cute! What a great idea for my girls!

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