Christmas Recap and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope yours was as peaceful, restful, and joyful as ours…I must say, it’s hard getting back to the reality of routine life but I am so thankful for an entire week of family time, no routine, no schedule. It was much needed.

Unfortunately I did not capture many pictures of Christmas this year. I kept forgetting my camera which actually wasn’t such a bad thing. It made me enjoy being in the moment as opposed to waiting for the right picture.

The few that we do have are from Christmas Eve with Justin’s family. Cooper and Cora were so excited to finally get to open all the gifts they had been eyeing under the tree.

There was a lot of excited shrieking as they opened gift after gift.

I am already looking forward to next Christmas…

As 2013 begins I find myself wondering what my “goals” might be.  I don’t really set goals for myself .  I am not much of a resolution maker.  I just don’t see the point because rarely do I stick to them.  Like most people I feel driven for a few weeks and then quickly switch back into old habits.  However, some goals are worth setting.  Spiritual goals.  Last year I made a serious commitment and decision to spend time with the Lord every day.  Not just quickly reading my bible and rushing on to the next thing…but spending an allotted amount of private and focused time with Him.  It is the best decision I have made…especially since being a mom.  Rolling out of bed an hour earlier is hard but it’s worth it.  I have learned to love and cherish that time.  The Word of Life has truly become my life-line.  But it’s amazing to me how although it is my fuel in the morning…I so quickly burn out and become the Grace that needs a whole lot of sanctifying work.  And so this year I would really like to put into practice what I read.  My greatest desire is that His words would penetrate my mind and my heart.  That I would live what he commands that I do.  It’s easy to read the Bible and love what it says but it’s hard to live what it says. I want to live it.  I want to know it.  I want to practice it.  I want to exemplify it.  I want to live every day as a Christ follower.  I want to glorify Him with the things I think, the things I say, the things I do.

And it’s not going to be easy but I know it’s doable.  It’s doable because it’s not a resolution I am going to do on my own.  Actually, I can’t do it at all but can only through Him who strengthens me.

And so I look forward to the year 2013…with all its hope, all its joy and all its pain, all that He has ordained for me.

Happy New Year!


5 Responses to Christmas Recap and Happy New Year!

  1. bchallies says:

    May God he with you in your very wise goal….I love the photo of Princess Cora on her trusty steed!

  2. Beautiful pics. I have similar thoughts on resolutions, and doing His will – its always going to need improving and only through Him can we work towards that goal! The most important resolution that needs to be made day after day, and year after year. We had a nice time off as a family as well, although I do always find the first 2 weeks of “getting back into it” a bit overwhelming:)

  3. Betty says:

    Is that horse at your house or did it stay at Nan’s? I love her love of all things girly! And wise resolution indeed. I am going to follow your example from last year and be very intentional about time in the word every morning. You’re right. So hard, but so worth it. I will be praying for you and your goals this year

  4. Susanna says:

    Cora looks so sweet in her Christmas outfit and what an awesome horse! Ellie would be very jealous…she wants a horse (and a dog and a cat and the list goes on!;)

  5. maryanne helms says:

    I am with you on the need for Bible-time each day. I so miss it when the Holidays up-end that part of my routine! I look forward to transitioning back to a normal routine tomorrow, but I will definitely miss the “just being” part of the Holidays. Not having to rush the kids around everywhere, staying up late, etc.

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