Reasons to Celebrate

We’ve been doing a lot of celebrating around here.  August 11th we were able to celebrate our 6 year anniversary.  What can I say but that marriage keeps getting better and I am thankful for that.  I know it is God’s grace that keeps this marriage…or any marriage together! We give him the glory.  He knows what Justin and I are like and He knows our individual needs, struggles, quirks and sins.  He sees and he knows all the depth of ugliness but somehow he keeps these two sinners together…not just together but loving each other more and more.  Another reminder of what a good God we serve.  He faithfully works in us both to sanctify us and draw us closer to himself.  Marriage has been a painful reminder of how short I fall of anything close to perfect.  How what we both “need” will never be found in its fullness in another human being. But we press on remembering the covenant we made.  I remember on our wedding day being both excited and  terrified as I committed “until death do us part” to another fallen human being.  But God’s covenants are good.  They are true.  They stand firm.  There is such security and beauty to be found in a promise made before Him and sometimes we are reminded that is all we have to fall back on.  And what a good reminder to have.  That we need more of Him in our lives.  The more I grow, the more i realize, there is no wisdom, no truth, there is nothing outside of what He has ordained because what he has ordained is wisdom. And he made marriage a forever (on this earth) thing.  Because he is forever with us, his people.

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Not just until the end of our life here, but for eternity. Not just while he can tolerate us, but forever.  Not just until we screw up one too many times, but for always.   And so our marriage vows are not simply pretty little poetic promises.  They are promises made to and before a holy God and a group of witnesses.  In our very shabby and imperfect way we represent his perfect relationship to us.  A bridegroom to his bride.  As he keeps his relationship with his church until the end, may he keep our marriage until the end.

We also celebrated Cora’s fourth birthday.  My big girl.  My little one who has almost driven me to despair and serious prayer.  My spunky, fireball.  Happy then very sad, excited then very angry.  A mixture of emotion and excitement.  Creative to the core of her being.  Oh, I love her.  I ache for her naughty and stubborn heart but I delight in the love and joy she has for life.    Sometimes we feel we don’t understand her at all.  But she is ours.  She is our firstborn.  I love her with such fierceness and I pray that God will keep her forever in his care.  I pray that all this stubbornness, all this passion will one day be used for Him.

I decided to take pictures of her and Elinor to commemorate her fourth birthday.  This is Cora…four years frozen in time.  Her sister and friend by her side.



5 Responses to Reasons to Celebrate

  1. justin says:

    You are a beautiful wife & stellar mom. We are so blessed.

  2. Betty says:

    Beautiful. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Cora!!

  3. Susanna says:

    Aw…love Justin’s comment!:) Amazing pictures! You have a beautiful marriage, beautiful girls and every reason to celebrate so many blessings in your life!:)

  4. bchallies says:

    Thanks for all those thoughts and photos, Hon. I love them all.

  5. LeAnna says:

    Loved your thoughts on marriage, so good. And I cannot believe how BIG your girls are getting. So adorable.

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