We have our power back, we have our water back…we can surf the net.  It’s amazing what these crews have done in just a couple of days.  We sit here and we feel guilty…just a block over there are people who have no homes…everything is gone.  Again, we thank God for what we do not deserve.

I wish I had pictures of what this town used to look like…I could dig some up but I don’t have the heart. The devastation is indescribable. I have never and I hope to never see anything like this again. I decided to share some pictures of  what we’ve seen.  Keep in mind, pictures cannot do the magnitude of the destruction justice…it simply cannot be captured.

None of these pictures show individual homes…where people used to live now torn down to the foundation.  I never thought I would disclose where we live but I would ask that you pray for Ringgold.  A small town in North Georgia that has recently made national and international headlines.  The town my husband especially holds very near to his heart…the town he has grown up in.  It’s not just about stuff, homes, businesses…it’s far deeper than that.  It’s about people.  It’s about a community that was completely devastated and wiped out in a matter of minutes.

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