Trying to get back on my feet

I’m trying to get going with life again. I’ve been slowed down by the way I feel.  I’m still not feeling great but I’m tired of waiting for a good day…unfortunately I still have two more weeks til I am through the first trimester.  Hoping all the sickness will end then!

I’ve been experimenting with food again.  Thankfully I am able to cook and actually enjoy it.  Yesterday I made granola bars…I need something that will get me through those low blood sugar days.  I got the recipe here. They are very good although there are a couple things I added…and a couple things I will change next time.  I used coconut, sunflower seeds and walnuts.  I also used cranberries and golden raisins instead of cherries and mangos.  That is the mistake I made…I chose two bitter dried fruits.  Next time I will probably use just one dried fruit…or one bitter and one sweet.

I also am addicted to greek vanilla yogurt with granola.

Cora loves to draw…and draws on everything.  Including our throw pillows and walls. I discovered the back of this pillow while cleaning the other day.

Last night we stayed up late hanging the curtains in the kitchen.  It’s amazing what one can do with fabric glue!  I cannot sew (but I really want to learn) and therefore had to liquid stitch everything.  We still do not have fabric to tie them so for now I’m using twine…

The other day I was digging through a drawer and found two iron-on appliques I had ordered for Cora before she was born.  One is perfect for Easter. Yesterday while at Walmart I grabbed an inexpensive white t-shirt and last night I ironed it on…

The other is a cupcake which I hope to iron-on tonight.  Friday is Justin’s birthday so I’ll make sure to have her looking festive!

Today it’s raining.  Raining sheets of rain.  I’m kinda glad.  That means I can’t run…which means I can shower asap, which means I’ll have an early start to the day…which means I’ll drive to the mall area…which means I can get Justin a birthday gift…which means I can avoid that area of town the rest of the week!  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

7 Responses to Trying to get back on my feet

  1. Betty says:

    Ha! The drawings on the pillow are unfortunate, but funny that she already knows to hide her crime! That bunny shirt is so cute, can’t wait to see the Easter one

  2. Lindsey Sieders says:

    Hope your morning sickness passes soon! and even if life does slow down for a bit, it will just be for a small “season”, it can be discouraging in the moment but before you know it you’ll have your energy back! Love the curtains!

  3. jessica says:

    Those bars look really good. Im going to make them for sure.

  4. sherene says:

    The shirt is so cute, very good for Cora.
    I hope you will fine on ur second trimester. I wish I am talented like urs, with all the cooking and stuff ur doin, ur a super woman:))

  5. Susanna says:

    CUTE shirt and I’m with you on using twine…that’s what I use for the curtains in Micah and Ellie’s room. I’ll have to try fabric glue!!!

  6. I remember when you ordered those appliques. I should order some for Emma. Something like a caterpillar or earwig would probably make her most happy.

  7. bchallies says:

    Rainly days are so mellow and slow-moving – love them!…Good granola bars!

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