As the End of the Year Draws Near

How strange that I would suddenly decide to post today.  No reason for it but a desire to write.  I read my last post from March 2014 and it made me ache.  It made me ache because I realized that was only the beginning of trials that year.  The end of 2013-2014 was somewhat of a doozy.  And that is ok.  This world is fallen and bad years are to be expected.  God is faithful and He brought me through it all.  Step by step, day by day, moment by moment.  Yes.  He is faithful.  But amidst all the trials, something really wonderful happened.  Our precious baby Kate was born.  We welcomed her to the world November 19, 2014.

She has brought such incredible joy to our home.  My love for her is somewhat ridiculous.  It cannot be helped…who could resist those fat cheeks? What a delight she is and look how she has changed in a year!

Life is busy with three little girls but it is full of purpose.  Although being a full time mom can be frustrating and exhausting, it is also my greatest delight. There is nothing I would rather do than serve my children and my husband each and every day.   It has taken me so long to get to a point (although I have a lot of bad days) where I can really say that this is my purpose, this is my delight, this is what I was made for.  I thank the Lord for making a year of my life painful and unknown.  Because through taking from me he severed so much arrogance, so much that was me-centered and showed me how great His plans are, how suffering is actually a great kindness.    He knows and he has a purpose in everything.  I cannot write this without crying because I have truly “tasted and seen that the Lord is good.” (psalm 34:8)And all I can say over and over again is “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1. I don’t deserve any of this and “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17. Thankful, thankful, thankful.

I hope to start updating more frequently over the next year.  I don’t know how or when but I want to make it work.  I love to write, I love to take pictures and this blog is a way to do both.  And more than anything I want to give testimony with my very simple, non-exciting, non-inspiring life that God is good.


5 Responses to As the End of the Year Draws Near

  1. Barbara Challies says:

    How lovely to see you writing again. Thanks for sharing your heart regarding your year of pain.

  2. Betty says:

    So glad you are writing again!

  3. Emily A says:

    Welcome back! I always appreciate what you have to say. Congratulations on your precious Kate.

  4. Lindsey says:

    How lovely to have a post pop up in my blogger feed:) Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

  5. Melissa says:

    Just randomly clicked on your site thru my favorites link tonight and saw your new post.

    Glad you are writing again. It can be so therapeutic.

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